The child was the only survivor of the plane crash in Indonesia. This is reported by BBC News.

Contact with a small aircraft of the Swiss aircraft company Pilatus Aircraft was lost on the afternoon of August 11, shortly before landing at Oxibyl airport in the Indonesian province of Papua. The wreckage of the aircraft was found on the mountainside at the border with Papua New Guinea on Sunday morning.

As noted, all on board there were nine people, including the crew. As a result, all but the 12-year-old boy died in the accident. The child was conscious when he was found.

Before the crash, the residents of the nearby villages heard a loud roar, after which there was an explosion. The cause of the fall is being clarified. The aircraft belonged to private company Dimonim Air.

BBC News notes that the aircraft is one of the few ways to get to the remote and mountainous regions of the province of Papua. At the same time, the weather is very often changed there, because of what flights can be difficult.

On July 31, an Embraer 190 aircraft crashed in Mexico, carrying 101 people on board. As a result of the accident, no one died, the fall was taken on the video from within.

In May, the pilot of the aircraft told what to do to passengers to survive when the plane begins to fall. According to Captain Boeing-787 Dave Incha, you must always be prepared for the disaster: remove high heels, glasses, loosen neckties and scarves.

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