On Twitter they compare President Duque with Carlos Castaño

As is common in the social network Twitter, Internet users did not miss a scene of President Iván Duque during a speech to the public force in which he uses a particular tone of voice, according to some users.

“I am proud to be their supreme commander, to speak to them from the heart, with transparency, with motivation,” says the high-ranking president in the video that went viral on Twitter. However, what was particular was not his words themselves. What some netizens highlighted in some way was the tone of voice he used.

Some of the Twitter users, who shared the video, they dared to assure that Iván Duque spoke in a similar way to the paramilitary leader Carlos Castaño.

In the video it is possible to hear that the president of Colombia uses a tone of voice that is very different from how he is normally heard speaking; much stronger and more forceful, but the most striking thing was the hoarseness, very similar to how he spoke alias El Comandante, Colombian paramilitary chief.

“Let us recognize that the imitation of Carlos Castaño was well done”, “Is it my impression, or is Duque already speaking like Carlos Castaño?” “He imitates it well, he only lacked the 22 gauge and the sunglasses”, “I really thought it was a montage with Castaño’s voice but see then”are some of the comments made by citizens about Duque’s speech.

“Singer, head player, messenger of the Materife to the king, rocker, TV presenter, dancer and now character impersonator. Or is he possessed of Carlos Castaño? ”Is another of the comments left by Internet users on the social network.

The statements that were the object of the comparison were recorded last weekend, during Duque’s visit to Antioquia. The message was presented after the development of Operation Osiris, in which the head of the Gulf Clan, Dairo Antonio Úsuga David, alias Otoniel, fell.

Details of the capture of ‘Otoniel’

After the capture of the top head of the Gulf Clan, Dairo Antonio Úsuga David, alias Otoniel, new details have gradually emerged of the Osiris operation, carried out jointly by the Police and the Armed Forces in the rural area of ​​El Totumo, a district of the municipality of Necoclí, in Urabá Antioqueño.

As explained by the Minister of Defense, Diego Molano, in an interview with the newspaper El Tiempo, the leader of this armed group did not maintain communication by radio or cell phones, therefore, as a result of the investigations carried out against him, it was evident that he was using human emails.

“Due to the blows of the public force to their structures, there had already been started to feel the shortage in their diet and this was used to carry out a very important intelligence activity, “said the head of this portfolio.

Otoniel was increasingly cornered and, for this reason, Molano reported that on October 15 he made the decision not to wait for him and, on the contrary, to enter the area where his movements had been studied: “We knew it was moving in a much smaller area.”

Around 3:00 in the afternoon (local time), on Saturday, October 23, 2021, four soldiers carried out the capture of Otoniel, who, according to some aerial images, he was barefoot and shirtless. According to a member of the Jungla command who was in the operation told Caracol Radio, the last hiding place of the top drug trafficker in the country was a thicket.

Noticing the presence of the public force, ‘Otoniel’ raised his hands, they threw him to the ground and said he knew where he was; According to the aforementioned source, the leader only wore pants; the other articles of clothing, among them some bog boots, were provided by the uniformed men.


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