on Twitter, they tell about the difficulty of being a student and disabled

Under this hashtag, students with disabilities testify to the discrimination they encountered during their schooling.

“In my school, there was no disability mission or infirmary, apparently there had never been a need. »Léonie Casthel, like many others, recounts her experience through #NousEtudiantEsHandiEs. This hashtag, trending since this morning on Twitter, allows students with disabilities to denounce validist discrimination encountered during their schooling.

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All point the finger at buildings and courtyards that are not suited to their daily lives. “We have a handicap center, in my university … On the fifth floor, at the top of the elevators where there is no room to turn around in a wheelchair and some electric wheelchairs do not pass”, writes @BlueLilQueer . “It was hailing and I couldn’t go to class because there was no money to pay for an Uber (I use a wheelchair),” said another surfer.

“I haven’t spent a week without having to fight”

For many, getting an accommodation is an obstacle course. “My arrangements have never been fully respected, from the building not accessible, to the room not adapted, to the non-existent note-takers, I did not spend a week without having to fight,” laments @Mercurotio.

In addition to these accessibility difficulties, some say they experience a lack of consideration from the staff. ” Teachers…

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VIDEO – She offers her umbrella to a disabled man drenched in the rain:

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