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Paola Pineda, an influencer who is dedicated to making content related to mystery and the paranormal, shared a video on her social networks that she was recording from the ruins of Armero, the municipality in Tolima that was left under the mud after the eruption of Nevado del Ruiz on November 13, 1985.

Since the tragedy, there are many paranormal legends that have been created around the town. In the clip, the young woman was talking about a vault in which they stored gold and silver, while she was recounting this, she was walking next to the ruins of it.

At that moment, she heard a noise inside the vault, according to her, it sounded like something had fallen in there. However, she ignores him and continues talking. Then, a “psss psss” sounded, a sound with which she seemed scared and began to walk faster to get away from the place.

I got scared, I felt like I was stepped inside the vault when I started pointing

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“I got scared, I felt like I was stepped inside the vault when I started pointing,” he later said. “I have a thousand hearts,” she added.

The creator continued recording. But she later indicated: “I felt that someone came over me. I saw it go by fast.” She also assured that she was still scared: “I think I’m shaking,” she said.

“They scared me! I felt like my heart was going to come out, they called me from inside the vault and then I saw as if something or someone was going over me. I swear that I was recording without thinking about spirits, in fact I did not think that ghosts would work in full sunlight, ”she wrote in the description of the video that she shared on Instagram.

On Tik Tok, the clip also went viral and already has more than 1.2 million views and more than 57,000 “likes.”

Networking, Pineda shares videos in which he talks about urban legends, curiosities, paranormal activity, culture, and mystery. On Instagram he has 100,000 followers and on Tik Tok, with more than 400,000.

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