On video | Vives joins the tribute to Billo’s with ‘Three pearls’

If there is a classic of tropical music that fraternally links Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cartagena, that is the joint Tres Perlas, immortalized by Billo’s Caracas Boys, an orchestra founded by the Dominican Luis María Frómeta Pereira in 1940 and which he conducted until the last of his days (May 5, 1988).

This song, released in 1971, now it has a new version interpreted by the samarium Carlos Vives, who is heard singing: “Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cartagena / are three pearls that sprouted in the sand.”

Vives, who confesses himself a great fan of maestro Billo Frómeta, was pleased to participate in the album Legendarios, a tribute to this disappeared figure of our Latin music.

This production consists of 12 songs with 11 guest artists, 10 hit songs from Billo’s and two unreleased songs, including one with a Christmas theme.

“Participating in this album is as if I had won an award, I don’t know what, but I feel like an award,” Vives commented in a promotional video for the song.

Added that Bringing his music and legacy to these times will be vital for many to dance to.. “I know that some are going to cry, and the youth will be able to discover a great figure in music, who is no longer only from Dominicans, Venezuelans, or Colombians, but from all of America, long live Billo Frómeta, a great musical legend ”.

With this song from Billo’s, Vives relives that time of yesteryear and good dance music.

The popularity of this orchestra in the December festivities in Colombia and Venezuela has made it your New Years success has become an anthem every time the whistles are sounded to welcome you to a new calendar.

More about the project. Adrián Frómeta, grandson of maestro Billo, the goal has been set to put this great Orchestra back on the music scene who has just turned 80 and has more than 100 productions.

To achieve this great project, Remil Renna and Víctor Pabon were appointed as producers, who are working hard for the album’s release next month.

Tito Rojas, Álex Bueno and Óscar D ‘León are some artists who said yes to Legendarios. The rest of the payroll participating in this tribute will be known soon.

La Billo’s had a great influence from the music of Caracas, the Colombian coast and Cuba, and put together a repertoire in which the porro, guaracha, boleros and merengue predominated.



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