On World Friendship Day: Ghada Abdel Razek Get rid of her friends stars of art except one singer


Egyptian singer Ghada Abdel Razek celebrated the World Friendship Day by taking an unprecedented step. She deleted all the stars from her Twitter friends list except UAE singer Ahlam. She continued to follow up on 14 accounts, mostly for friends from outside the artistic community and her daughter Rotana . Ghada Abdel Razek, who is famous for her permanent presence in support of the stars of art, through social networking sites, especially Instagram and Twitter, has just deleted the stars from the last account while keeping some of them in the Instagram account. In contrast, Sherine Abdel Wahab has not been deleted, Top. Ghada also kept track of the popular singer Boussi, the Tunisian singer Latifa, the Iraqi singer Shatha Hassoun, the artist Majid El Masri, her colleague in the series “Against Unknown” Hanan Mutawa, the artist Aiten Amer, director Tariq El-Erian and his wife Syrian singer Asala, Lebanese singer Elissa, , The singer Viva Abdo, Angham, Mona Zaki, her husband Ahmed Hilmi, the actress Zeina, the star Mai Ezzeddin, the Tunisian actress Dara Zarrouk, and the rest of the 51 friends list completed the accounts of fashion models and media sites.

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