Once across Saxony – without money!

Marcus “Poschi” Poschlod travels through Saxony for a week – only one thing is missing. Money!

A man and his shoes and nothing else! No coal, no tickets, no car.

Once across Saxony. How far will Poschi get? What will happen, where will he sleep? What does he have to do to get all of this ?!

How is the Free State doing in 2021? What is the atmosphere like, how is it togetherness, what is the cohesion? When it comes to just running, we’re less worried. After all, Poschi not only traveled on behalf of R.SA years ago – he is also more experienced Way of St. James pilgrims. But to be traveling without any money … Well, we’re excited!

Poschi on the way vfrom Aue to Zittau – ab Monday, October 18th – only at R.SA

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