One Child Victim of Kenjer Park Slide Permanent Disability

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

A child who is a victim of a slide collapses in a waterpark swimming pool Kenjeran Park (Kenpark) Surabaya, S, was declared permanently disabled due to a broken bone. He had to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

This was revealed by the victim’s father, AM. He said that he had just received news from the RSUD Dr. Soetomo, today, Wednesday (11/5).

“My son this morning, it was reported that he had permanent disability in both legs. He had to use a wheelchair,” said AM, Wednesday (11/5).

AM admitted that he had not conveyed the news to his daughter. He was confused and could not bear if his daughter had to hear the news.

“Not yet, he’s mentally scared if he’s told he’s crying. Not to mention the environment that affects him,” he said.

Moreover, after this, S will graduate from middle school and enter high school. AM is worried that his son’s permanent disability will affect his son’s education.

“I am a parent [memikirkan] How to get school facilities, how does it work, because you want to enter high school,” he said.

The news, continued AM, has been conveyed to the management of Kenjeran Waterpark Surabaya. Kenpark has also agreed. AM also requested that his child’s treatment room be moved to a better room.

“I’ve been informed by Kenpark and the responsibilities. I’ve asked to be moved to a better room so that it is fresher and there is entertainment,” he said.

Apart from S, two sons and daughters of AM were also victims of the water collapse at Kenjeran Waterpark Surabaya. Her son, Z, has been sent home.

“Her arm is broken. But stable. Got home yesterday afternoon,” he said.

Meanwhile, her daughter, SA, reportedly broke a bone in her left leg. Currently SA can not move his legs and needs a assistive device.

“SA needs a support device in the form of a backrest. So it can sit. The price is Rp. 1,250 million. Kenpark has assisted,” he concluded.

Director of RSUD Dr. Soetomo Surabaya, Dr. Joni Wahyuhadi, could not comment much on the condition of his patient. He just confirmed and the patient has been treated by his side as much as possible.

“Since yesterday, we have handled it. Something is broken [tulang] lumbar,” said Joni.

The slide at the Kenjeran Park Surabaya swimming pool reportedly collapsed, Saturday afternoon (7/5). A number of visitors were thrown from a height of about 10 meters.

17 people were reported injured in the incident. One of them is suspected of having a brain injury. While a number of other people suffered leg and hand fractures.

8 of them are being treated at RSUD dr Soetomo while 8 others are being treated at RSUD dr Soewandhie. Meanwhile, for patients who have been allowed to go home from RSUD Dr. Soetomo, there are 1 patient as well as 4 patients at Soewandhie Hospital.


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