One classico, one goal, five red cards – la vie Sénégalaise

The meeting which was to oppose the eternal rivals Paris and Marseille kept its promises, in terms of the show. It was a high tension match, in the end won by Marseille, with only one goal scored by Thauvin in the thirty-first minute. Marseille thus beats the club of the capital, for the first time in nine years.

But, what holds the most attention in this derby played at the Parc des Princes is the number of red cards distributed. Five in total… and all, a few minutes from the end. Kurzawa, Paredes, Neymar received a red card for the Parisian camp, while Amavi and Benedetto received them on behalf of OM. And this, in a crazy sequence where mistakes, altercations and masked blows alternate.

Suffice to say that between those who say they come from the waters to set fire to the mainland and the troop led by Neymar, the rag is still burning. And is not ready to go out, because, between these two clubs, there is a whole jungle …


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