One dead and twenty-one new positives

Coronavirus – The ASL bulletin – Five people healed today in Tuscia

Coronavirus Emergency - Intensive Care

Coronavirus Emergency – Intensive Care

Viterbo – Twenty-one confirmed cases of Covid-19 positivity were communicated, by 11 am, by the Molecular Genetics section of Belcolle to the Coronavirus Operating Team of the ASL of Viterbo.

“The latest positive reports – the ASL writes in the bulletin – are connected to swabs performed on citizens residing or domiciled in the following municipalities: 8 a Viterbo, 3 a places, 2 a Canine, 2 a Fabrica in Rome, 1 a Farnese, 1 a Graffignano, 1 a Ischia di Castro, 1 a Oriolo Romano, 1 a Valentano, 1 a Vasanello“.

None of the new positives were hospitalized. “Of the cases today: 19 have an epidemiological link with previously ascertained and already isolated cases, 2 are linked to people who have declared to be symptomatic of the drive in. Everyone is spending the convalescence in their own home ”.

In total, at 11 this morning, the cases of positivity to Covid-19, resident or domiciled in Tuscia, rise to 18 thousand 369.

One dead, it is Father Pierino Orlandini di Canepina. “The ASL, with great regret, also reports the death, which occurred in the last 24 hours, of 1 patient of 77 years of Canepina hospitalized in the Covid facilities of Belcolle”.

Five recovered. “Today the end of the isolation period or the negativization from Covid-19 of 5 patients residing in the following municipalities was communicated to the institutionally competent subjects: 1 ad Arlena di Castro, 1 a Bomarzo, 1 a Castiglione in Teverina, 1 a Piansano, 1 a Viterbo“.

The currently positive are 929. “At the moment, of the people reported positive for Coronavirus, 3 are currently hospitalized in an extra Asl Covid facility, 15 in the Belcolle infectious diseases department, 911 are convalescing at home.

The number of negativized people rises to 16 thousand 974, 466 people have died.

Since the beginning of the Covid emergency, 218 thousand 262 swabs have been carried out in the province of Viterbo, 296 in the last 24 hours. To date, the citizens who have completed the period of fiduciary home isolation are 23 thousand 349 “.

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November 22, 2021

Coronavirus November 2021 … Articles

  1. In Tuscia more than 900 currently positive
  2. Coronavirus, 9 thousand 709 new positives and 46 deaths in Italy today
  3. Infections, deaths and hospitalizations are on the rise in Lazio
  4. Today 60 new infections, still most of them in Viterbo city
  5. Twenty minors positive: sixteen are under 12 and two are just a few months old
  6. Third doses, extension of the opening hours of vaccination centers
  7. 11 thousand 555 new cases and 49 deaths
  8. 124 positive in Latina, 101 in Frosinone, 56 in Viterbo and 23 in Rieti
  9. In Tuscia 56 new positives, one was hospitalized
  10. The positivity rate in Tuscia drops to 12.07%
  11. Still over 10 thousand daily infections, 48 ​​dead
  12. Still over 10 thousand daily infections, 48 ​​dead
  13. “310 cases in the provinces, 598 in Rome city”
  14. Today 53 new cases in 23 municipalities of Tuscia
  15. The virus attacks children: another 24 positive, the youngest is a few months old
  16. “More than a thousand cases in Lazio, you are the dead”
  17. Today a new hospitalization and other 58 cases, 15 in Viterbo
  18. Four died in northern Lazio, two were guests of the RSA Villa Letizia in Tarquinia
  19. Coronavirus, over 10 thousand cases
  20. “In the provinces 272 new cases, 445 in Rome city”
  21. Covid, two elderly people died in Tarquinia – 61 new cases in Tuscia, another 27 in Viterbo
  22. “Recall for the over 40s, hub at the New Santa Teresa di Viterbo”
  23. Of the 82 cases in Tuscia, 27 are children under 12
  24. Coronavirus, today 7698 new cases and 74 deaths
  25. “215 new cases in the provinces”
  26. Again on the infections: 82 today in Tuscia, 26 only in Viterbo
  27. The Covid intensive care unit in Belcolle reopens for two patients
  28. Today 5144 new cases and 44 deaths, almost 200 more hospitalized than yesterday
  29. In Lazio, new cases are falling, but deaths and hospitalizations are increasing
  30. Another 19 positives in Tuscia, of which 5 in Viterbo
  31. Five minors and a child of just two years among the positives yesterday
  32. Today 35 new positives of which 10 only in Viterbo
  33. Cluster in a school in Carbognano, yesterday in Tuscia 18 positive minors
  34. Coronavirus, 8 thousand 544 new cases and 53 deaths in Italy today
  35. Today 47 new cases, 10 only in Carbognano
  36. Hospitalizations are again positive, with a slight increase
  37. Coronavirus, today 8516 new cases and 68 deaths
  38. Lazio returns to over a thousand cases per day, but the deaths are decreasing
  39. Another 59 positives in Tuscia, 15 only in Viterbo
  40. Contagions on the rise, the mayors’ counter-move: stop parties and events and more checks
  41. Coronavirus, today 8569 new cases and 67 deaths
  42. Virus on a roller coaster, today just nine cases: three in Orte and zero in Viterbo
  43. Cluster of positive kids in Canino, a kindergarten closed in Fabrica di Roma
  44. Contagions on the rise, but hospital admissions remain stable
  45. Today in Lazio 796 new cases and 5 deaths
  46. Today 27 positive, of which 7 in Viterbo and 5 in Orte
  47. “We cannot continue to have parties and banquets as if nothing had happened”
  48. 21 minors infected, more than half in Orte: the youngest is 2 years old
  49. Coronavirus, today 6032 infections and 68 deaths
  50. A surge in infections throughout Lazio, 324 more than yesterday
  51. Boom of positives: today 70 in Tuscia, 19 only in Orte
  52. Positive pupils, six classes in dad a Nepi – Two cases among the local police of Civitavecchia
  53. In Lazio 449 new positives and ten deaths
  54. New positives in decline, today 13 cases and 14 cured
  55. More than 500 currently positive in Tuscia, hospitalized people are still growing
  56. Coronavirus, 5 thousand 822 new cases and 26 deaths
  57. Covid still growing: today 44 positives in Tuscia
  58. Positive and admissions rise, the premises of the elementary school in Orte sanitized
  59. Today in Lazio 807 new cases and 5 deaths
  60. 32 new positives, 10 are from Orte
  61. Another 20 cases within the Tarquinia RSA outbreak
  62. Coronavirus, infections and hospitalizations are on the rise
  63. Coronavirus, infections and hospitalizations are on the rise
  64. “Reservations are open for the booster for vaccinated J&J with no age limit”
  65. “239 cases in the provinces, 296 in Rome city”
  66. Outbreak in the rsa: sixteen positive elderly, four hospitalized
  67. Coronavirus, today 5905 new cases and 59 deaths
  68. “192 cases in the provinces, 245 in Rome city”
  69. Outbreak in a home for the elderly, thirteen positives
  70. Thirty-six new positives and one death
  71. Increase in infections, the mayor Primieri: “Many are unvaccinated”
  72. Classes in quarantine in Orte, carpet swabs for elementary school children
  73. Coronavirus, today 5188 new cases and 63 deaths
  74. “Today in Lazio 456 new cases, 3 deaths and 428 recovered”
  75. Hospitalizations on the rise: three in hospital out of 23 new positives
  76. Asl of upper Lazio, more cases in Rieti and Rome 4 than in Viterbo
  77. Today 2 thousand 834 new cases in Italy and 41 deaths
  78. “The third dose must be done after 180 days without waiting for the green pass to expire”
  79. “45 new cases in the provinces, 191 in Rome city”
  80. Ten positives in five municipalities in Tuscia
  81. 2.5% of the currently positive hospitalized, none in intensive care at Belcolle
  82. In Italy today 2 thousand 818 new cases out of over 146 thousand swabs carried out
  83. Today 15 new cases, more than half in Orte
  84. Cases on the rise in Orte, Mayor Primieri: “More attention to avoid restrictions”
  85. Without vaccine in October 2020: 2 thousand 456 positives and 24 deaths
  86. Vaccine, administered over 7 thousand third doses
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