One in five Argentines will develop some type of cancer throughout their lives

One in five Argentines will develop some type of cancer throughout their lives

According to the IARC this year there will be 18 million new cases of cancer in the world and almost 10 million people will die. In segregation by sex, the report warns that one in eight men and one in eleven women will die from this disease. Lung cancer is the most aggressive with almost 2 million deaths planned for this year (18.4% of the total). It is followed by colorectal cancer (881 thousand predicted deaths, 9.2% of the total), stomach (783 thousand) and liver (782 thousand). "These new figures show that much remains to be done to respond to the alarming increase in the global burden of cancer and that prevention must play a key role," Christopher Wild, IARC director, said in a statement. of prevention and early detection to complete the treatments ". Among men lung cancer in the most diagnosed and the leading cause of death from this disease with about one in five cases. IARC also warned of a "worrying increase" in this type of cancer among women. Breast cancer continues to cause the most deaths among women: 627 thousand per year. It is also one of the most diagnosed: one in four diagnoses of breast cancer. The second is colorectal in developed countries and the cervix in developing countries. It enters the causes of the advance of the cancer in the world the IARC identified a series of key factors as the demographic growth, the aging of the population and the increase of harmful habits like the tobacco addiction, the obesity, the sedentarismo and an unbalanced feeding. IARC also warned that between one-third and two-fifths of new cases could be avoided by eliminating or reducing exposure to known risk factors. "Argentina does not differ too much from the world average, it has an incidence rate of 217 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a figure that places it within the countries with medium-high incidence of cancer," explained Reinaldo Chacón, president of the Foundation for Clarín. Research, Teaching and Prevention of Cancer. "Breast cancer and colorectal cancer are more common in developed countries, and Argentina has more similar figures to Europe than to the rest of Latin America and Asia, because Argentina has a lot of middle class, these cancers are related to new habits. more sedentary lifestyle and nutrition, although there is no anti-cancer diet, we know that obesity is a risk factor, "explained Chacón. Graciela Abriata, coordinator of Epidemiology at the National Cancer Institute, assured the media that the absolute numbers are growing. "What is increasing in women is lung and colorectal cancer, and it has to do with habits, women have not stopped smoking, tend to sedentary lifestyle, do not consume so many vegetables and fruits," he said, explaining that breast cancer is still the highest incidence, as in the first world, and is related to obesity, smoking, the lowest number of children and periods of breastfeeding. Both Abriata and Chacón recommended leaving the cigarette, not abusing alcohol, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, doing physical activity and undergoing controls, especially women to breast and women and men after 45 years do not flee from colonoscopies .

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