One license plate, two cars: Police stop illegal racing

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The blue light of a police patrol car lights up. Photo: Stefan Puchner / Archive

Source: dpa-infocom GmbH

Wiesbaden (dpa / Lhe) – Ruthless turf, suspicious bumps on the car, no driver's license and then a license plate equal for two cars: The police have stopped in Wiesbaden an illegal car race – and now has to identify a number of crimes. As the police announced on Saturday, a witness noticed late on Friday evening, two cars coming from Taunusstein on the main road 417 direction Wiesbadener city center raced. Both cars had an identical license plate, they drove too fast, began to reckless overtaking maneuvers and touched several times.

The police then stopped both cars according to their own information in the city center. The 20-year-old driver from Wiesbaden had no driver's license, his 18-year-old racing opponent recently received one. The officials took this directly from him. That the two cars had the same license plate, the young men explained that a car had recently been purchased and they simply mounted a license plate of the second car for lack of transfer license plate.

One of the cars had massive damage, according to the officials, which is why the investigators consider incidents involving a forced escape.

Against the self-proclaimed racers is determined, inter alia, because of participation in an unauthorized motor vehicle race, for violations of the compulsory insurance law, license plate misuse and document forgery. The police ensured the cars and the cell phones of the drivers.

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