One more to the list: Sergio Torres’s Twitter account is hacked

Culiacán, Sin.- In Sinaloa it’s already done converting in favorite sport jack phones and WhatsApp Messenger accounts from officials y politicians Sinaloans, from the governor even party leaders, as is the case of Sergio Torres.

It is domingothe match Citizen movement in Sinaloa warned that the cell phone of his managerthe former mayor of Culiacan and former candidate to the governorship, Sergio Torres, had been hacked. For this reason they asked to ignore calls or messages that came from your phone number WhatsApp.

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Good day. I inform you that the telephone of Sergio Torres has been hackedplease do not attend the messages o calls that I receive”, he says in a concise information who sends the area communication of Citizen movement.

In december of 2021the mayor of MazatlanLuis Guillermo Benitez Torresdenounced that cyber criminals They hacked his cell phone and his account messagesfor which they were requesting their friends alleged requests for loans from eight thousand to 50 thousand pesos in his name.

In February pastthe mayor of Ahome, Gerardo Vargas Landeros, also denounced had suffered the hack of your phone lines mobilesso he alerted all his contacts ignore any type of message that receive for your WhatsApp account.

Recently (July 2022) it was hacked the account of Twitter of deputy local for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (AT), Sergio Mario Arredondowho by not achieving retrieve your account was forced to create another account.

It must be remembered that in August past (2021), they hacked the cell phone number of the governor who asked to ignore all messages received via Whatsapp or other application.

Also in August of the same year the same month and year, they tried to jack and extort money from deputies Morenaamong them, to Marco Antonio ZazuetaCecilia Covarrubias and deputy Florentino Vizcarra to whom if ripped offasking him providedalthough he never said how much.

same the federal deputiesalso by Morena Yadira Marcos and Casimiro Zamora, suffered hacks who saw each other forced to ask your contacts via twitter.