One new case of Covid-19 in Estonia and seven in Lithuania

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Consequently, the number of confirmed infections in Estonia reached 1990.

No deaths from the new coronavirus disease Covid-19 were reported in Estonia last day. A total of 69 people died of the disease in Estonia.

1393 people confirmed recovery.

A total of 108,150 analyzes were performed in Estonia to determine infection with the new coronavirus. 714 analyzes were performed on Wednesday.

Three patients are treated in hospitals.

Seven people have been confirmed infected with the new coronavir virus in Lithuania last day, the Ministry of Health said on Thursday.

Thus, in Lithuania, infection with the new coronavirus was detected in a total of 1,825 people.

Last day, 4472 analyzes were performed, but in Lithuania a total of 432 457 analyzes were performed.

78 people died of the disease caused by the virus Covid-19 in Lithuania, but another 11 people infected with this virus had another cause of death. The disease did not require new victims last day.

Recovery was confirmed for 1536 people.

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