“One of the fairest judges in Lebanon”… Wahhab defended: Shame!

The head of the Tawheed Party, the former minister, Wiam Wahhab, tweeted on his account via “Twitter”, writing, “To those who deal with Adnan Addoum, I say shame for two reasons.”

He added, “First of all, the man is sick and it is shameful for someone to gossip about him.”

And he continued, “Secondly, Adnan Addoum is one of the most honest judges in Lebanon, and I challenge anyone to say that he took a single penny in his life or sold his conscience.”

Wahab’s tweet came after many deputies and officials described the way in which William Noun, the brother of the martyr Joe Noun, was arrested, with the arrests of the guardianship, judges, and officials who were in decision-making centers at the time.