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Home News One of the FBI's ten most wanted refugees was killed

One of the FBI's ten most wanted refugees was killed

Greg Alyn Carlson was added to the list of the ten most wanted individuals of the FBI in the fall of 2018.

FBI agents pursued him at a hotel in Apex, North Carolina. An Apex police officer discovered a vehicle in a hotel parking lot that was connected to Carlson, said John Strong of the FBI's North Carolina bureau.

As agents entered his hotel room, a rifle broke out and Carlson was killed, said Paul Delacourt, deputy director of the Los Angeles FBI office.

Carlson was accused of a July 7, 2017, shoot-in in Los Angeles, in which he attempted to sexually assault a woman with a gun. A local arrest warrant issued for Carlson accused him of a burglary, an attack intended to commit rape and assault with a deadly weapon, the FBI said.

DNA tests also linked Carlson with two more attacks in 2003, said police chief in Los Angeles, Billy Hayes.

He was arrested in September 2017. After being loaned and released, he fled to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, the FBI said.

He left South Carolina with a stolen handgun, a rental car and cash and led the police on a chase in Alabama. He was later seen in two cities in Florida in November 2017.

A federal arrest warrant issued in December 2017 accused Carlson of unlawful flight to prevent prosecution.



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