One of the protagonists unexpectedly quit his popular series

Alexis Bledel will not return to the numerous awards To the tale of the maidwrote Variety.

One of the best-known actresses in the series, Alexis Bledel, won’t be back in The Maid’s Tale, she won’t be there for the fifth season. Bledel has previously become known worldwide for his hotel in the Ski Area, and with his dramatic dystopia, he has won four Emmy nominations and once won a TV Oscar.

Alexis BledelForras: NORTHFOTO/AFF/PA Images/Chase Rollins/Aff-Usa.Com

According to Bledel’s role, Emily (or Ofglen) has been on the Hulu series since 2017. In a statement, he thanked the makers, but did not address the reasons for his departure.