One of the youngest entrepreneurs in France: interview with Maxime Royer

At only 15 years old, Maxime launched his Digital Marketing agency. The journey of this high school student who calls himself “passionate about entrepreneurship since always” challenges: 1.6 M impressions on his first Linkedln post, almost 10,000 subscribers two months later, the first interviews for various media and a flagrant communication talent. Interview with a young entrepreneur who undoubtedly has a lot to teach us.

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Hi Maxime, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Maxime, I am 16 years old, I have just entered a high school in the Paris region and I launched my digital marketing agency two months ago. I am passionate about Tennis, this sport allows me to find myself alone in front of myself and to surpass myself. That’s what I love. Also, I’m very interested in graphics and design, which is probably why I launched my digital marketing agency.

Precisely, you decided to launch yourself into entrepreneurship at the age of 15, why?

In fact, the starting point is quite funny. The idea was born during my sophomore internship, which I did in a communication startup on TikTok called CONTNT. Immediately, I had a fiber for the sector, I annoyed my internship supervisors and employees with questions, I really wanted to know everything about this environment. At the end of my internship, which I extended by the way, the people from CONTNT pushed me to create my own project. Then, the idea matured and the agency model imposed itself quite naturally because it was easy to set up at the start, especially since I had already set up several accounts on the networks before.

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Finally, it is also an appetite and a desire. When you start your business, you constantly learn new things. It’s extremely intellectually stimulating, for example, I learned how to make a site, legal elements…

So why digital marketing?

I have always loved following creators on the networks, for several years I have spent a lot of time watching creations and different digital marketing accounts. Then, it must be said that I am rather a creative and curious person, so the fact of developing content, a publication, a description pleases me enormously. In a way, you have to invent and develop something to achieve a purpose. That’s what I love.

In your opinion, what can young people bring to the professional world, and particularly to the entrepreneurial world?

I find that we are an ultra-creative generation, born and bathed in social networks since our birth. There is also something crazy, it is that we have access to a whole world of knowledge easily, we just have to open a web page and devote a little time to it. This quest for knowledge is like second nature to us. Moreover, many young people launch projects, it is undoubtedly a new perspective that we bring, but also a desire to participate in the world of today and tomorrow.

Finally, I would like to break down a prejudice and the barriers that young people put up when it comes to launching their project. For me, it is primarily a question of will, there is not necessarily a need to start with a lot of funds. It essentially takes willpower to train, time also to acquire skills, and then you have to jump into the deep end with a coherent project.

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What was your greatest difficulty in launching Adès?

I think the biggest barrier we put on ourselves is mental. In reality, you have to pass the blocking stage and tell yourself that entrepreneurship is not that horrible. You have to dare and start. Afterwards, you have to keep a cool head and always establish a long-term strategy and vision for your project. We can quickly get carried away by all the new things that happen to us.

Did you get help from other entrepreneurs, relatives or institutions?

So the CONTNT teams accompany me day after day. They first helped me to launch the project, advised me, coached me… They are a real resource for me, moreover we do weekly reviews to think about the growth of Adès.

At the same time, I contacted many young project leaders on the networks who all, in their own way, gave me advice and information that is useful to me today.

For you, what will Ades look like tomorrow? And what are your next projects?

My first wish would be for Ades to become a real collective. That is to say that I am no longer alone in the company as is the case today. Also, the idea would be to bring together many creators who can help brands and personalities on their networks.

At the same time, I intend to continue to interact with the emerging community around me. For me, it is important to continue to communicate and make posts on my networks. This is an essential way to gain skills.

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Finally, with regard to other projects, I intend to continue my studies after high school. It’s super important to me. For the moment, I would like to go to an engineering school and a preparatory class. In the longer term, I would like to continue to launch several projects and pursue entrepreneurship.

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