One of the youngest testicular cancer patients in Britain fights the disease at the age of just five.

Lucas Hellowell's parents found a tumor the size of a golf ball as they dressed it.

The boy has now successfully undergone surgery to remove the giant tumor and undergoes chemotherapy.

Lucas Hellowell, 5, is one of the youngest testicular cancer patients in the UK (Image: SWNS)

His parents Mel Speight, 25, and Jonathan Hellowell, 28, made the discovery when he suffered from abdominal pain at school.

Jonathan called a doctor to visit her house, and Lucas was taken to the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary for immediate inspection.

The doctors were so worried about the tumor that he was taken to Leeds General Infirmary, where he underwent another CT scan.

The brave boy will now undergo 22 weeks of strenuous chemotherapy, which will be completed in January 2019.

He also removed testicular tubes and had biopsies, ultrasounds and countless blood tests.

Lucas & # 39; s mother Mel from Halifax, West Yorkshire, said, "He was my skirt.

The boy was taken to hospital after his parents had found a knot while dressing (Photo: SWNS)

"It really affects him when he has his double dose, he's sick with it.

"It has also affected his taste buds and has thrown away a lot of the food he loved.

"He also hates taking his medication – that's the worst thing for him.

"Usually he's so active and bubbly, he never stops, you can not speak!

"It's hard to see him experience something like that.

"But he just takes everything with him.

The family sees a Halifax Town game (Photo: SWNS)

"Nothing seems to bother him."

Melissa said she and Dad Jonathan had noticed that something was wrong when Lucas was put on 6 July this year.

He was officially diagnosed on July 20 after a series of tests, and started chemo in August.

When she talked about the timing of his diagnosis, she added, "It was a big shock.

"It was crazy, just like a blur.

"I collapsed first."

Lucas was asked to become a mascot for his team Halifax Town (Photo: SWNS)

Lucas, who has lost his hair because of the treatment, is fighting against this condition and continues to watch his favorite movies – including the last hit The Greatest Showman.

The family is supported by charity candlesticks who help families in Yorkshire with children's cancer.

His proud father Jonathan said, "Candlesticks have given us so much that we just wanted to give them something back.

"They provided activities for Lucas while he was in the hospital, they gave us grants to help us, and they send us to Center Parcs on vacation next year, which is great.

"It's these little things that make such a big difference.

"He loves swimming, but he can not do it right away, but he'll love it there."

Lucas' uncle Rob Popple, 31 (left) and father Jonathan shaved their heads to support the brave five-year-old (image: SWNS)

"We can not thank you enough."

Cancer Charity Orchid Speaker Professor Dan Berney said: "Although testicular tumors are more common in 20-30 year old men, they can occur in children as well.

"Most have a very good prognosis with the treatment, but the sooner they are discovered, the better.

"Testicular cancer in childhood tends to have an extremely good prognosis."

Rebecca Porta, Chief Executive of Orchid, added, "We would encourage all parents to take their child to the doctor if they discover something unusual.

The forecast is good for five-year-old Lucas (Image: SWNS)

"If it does not look right then go to your family doctor or speak to one of our nurses via the Orchid Helpline 0808 802 0010 or visit"

Lucas – Father Jonathan and Uncle Rob Popple had recently shaved their heads, and the proceeds benefited the charity of the Candelighters.

The head shave has so far raised more than £ 900 for candlelighters, which supports families with childhood cancer in Yorkshire.

Around 30 boys aged 0-4 years and about 10 boys aged 5-9 years have been diagnosed with testicular cancer in the UK for the last 5 years, according to Cancer Research UK.

Click here to donate to the family fundraising page.


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