“One out of ten”. Viewers distressed by the level. “It wasn’t so bad yet.” It only took a few questions to win

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In “One of Ten” there are episodes in which players impress with their knowledge and set new records in terms of the number of points scored. There are also those where the players are not so lucky. The 13th episode of the 128th series of the game show, broadcast on December 27, unfortunately belongs to the latter category. The man who won the game amassed a total of only 32 points.

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“One of ten”. Viewers comment on the level of the episode

While “One of Ten” is known as one of the few game shows that aired today to award knowledge, not every winner leaves the studio with a staggering number of points. Mr. Karol, who won the Monday episode, made it to the finals, even though he only answered three times. It took the participants quite a long time to answer the questions that allowed them to indicate who Tadeusz Sznuk should turn to. When it finally happened, Mr. Karol quickly took over the command, passing the questions to the other players. He kicked the competition this way, and answered correctly a total of five times throughout the episode, finishing with a score of 32 points.

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Fans of “One of Ten” did not hide their disappointment with the way the finals were done. They demonstrated dissatisfaction on the program’s fanpage, criticizing the players’ knowledge and the episode’s result.

It was a bit sad, although the participants made a nice impression.

A terribly weak episode. They were probably good in the first half of the edition. To win the episode by answering only five questions is quite a feat. Sometimes one competitor in the second stage answers about ten times to qualify for the final.

Massacre. No basic knowledge. It has never been so bad – we read.

The viewers noticed, however, that the grand finale of the currently broadcast series of the program promises to be exciting. Players in the previous episodes set the bar high – a minimum of 111 points must be scored to qualify for it.


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