One portrays goalkeeper Miguel Van Damme, who fights against… (Bruges)


A documentary about Cercle Brugge goalkeeper Miguel Van Damme (28), who was told five years ago that he suffers from leukemia, that is one of the four broadcasts of the VRT following the Day against Cancer. “Keeping hope is hard because they’ve used up everything to save me.”

“You have cancer.” More than 40,000 people in Flanders are diagnosed with this diagnosis every year. That is why, on the occasion of the Day against Cancer, on Thursday 21 October, the VRT will present four special broadcasts. In this way, the public broadcaster wants to “dwell on the stories behind the disease”.

One of them will be the documentary Miguel around Cercle Brugge goalkeeper Miguel Van Damme, who has been treated for leukemia since 2016. After his diagnosis, a period of healing, relapse, healing and relapse follows. “How much misfortune can you have? Sometimes you can’t grasp that. I’ve been through so much at my age: I’ve been ill for five years, my career hasn’t helped me much. Keeping hope is very difficult, because there is nothing left. They used up everything to save me: chemo, radiation, you name it,” he says.

However, there are also beautiful moments. In 2020 he will become the father of a daughter, Camille, and after his contract ends, Cercle Brugge offers him a new one. The association and the supporters continue to support him and this year he is included in the team photo. And now there is a documentary, made by Eric Goens.

Goedele Liekens, Cath Luyten and Urbanus.

Goedele Liekens, Cath Luyten and Urbanus. © GARDEN

Furthermore, Cath Luyten enters Neighbor, what are you doing now? visited politician and sexologist Goedele Liekens, who was told last year that she had skin cancer. Jeroen Meus wants in Daily food inspire viewers to comfort food to cook for others who are having a hard time and First dates receives four people at the restaurant, looking for love, who are (had) closely related to the disease.(bpr)

‘Miguel’ on 19/10, ‘Neighbor, what are you doing now?’ on 20/10, ‘Daily fare’ on 21/10 and ‘First dates’ on 21/10, each time on One.