One Step More to Be Passed into Law, This Article is Revised in the RKUHP Draft

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Draft Criminal Code or RKUHP, which still remains controversial, is one step away from being ratified by the House of Representatives. Yesterday, the Law Commission of the DPR and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights agreed on all the articles contained in the RKUHP at level I.

This decision was taken after the Legal Commission and the government discussed 23 articles which were summarized from the problem inventory list (DIM) of the faction submitted to the government.

Of the 9 factions, 7 factions agreed that the RKUHP would be brought to level II discussions at the plenary meeting. They are the fractions of the Golkar, Gerindra, NasDem, PKB, Democrat, PAN, and PPP parties. The other two factions agreed with notes, namely the PDIP and PKS factions.

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“Can the draft of the Criminal Code Bill be continued at the second level of discussion, namely decision making which will be scheduled at the nearest DPR plenary meeting?” asked the leader of the meeting, Adies Kadir, who was greeted with an affirmative answer by the meeting participants, Thursday, 24 November 2022.

Furthermore, 23 articles are still being scrutinized by the Legal Commission…