One Way Schedule for Lebaran Backflow Until when, what time is it and where is it?

DIY NEWS – Schedule for one way (one way) return flow for Eid 2022 until when, what time is it today? This is the one way schedule for today and tomorrow 9 May 2022.

The implementation of one way will also be applied to the return flow for Eid 2022. The community is predicted to start doing the reverse flow on Friday, May 6 2022 until Monday, May 9 2022.

Backflow traffic is expected to cause congestion at a number of points. To avoid traffic congestion and congestion, a one-way or one-way system will be implemented.

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The road will be opened for vehicles with odd and even number plates alternately. One way implementation will be arranged and implemented according to a predetermined schedule.

The one-way system will be implemented for homecomers who will return to Jakarta. Homecomers are encouraged to always monitor the one-way schedule and adjust the return schedule to avoid traffic jams.

The public can also start traveling backflow for Eid 2022 earlier to avoid traffic congestion.

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The one way system will be implemented on a number of toll roads leading to Jakarta. People can rest in the rest area if they experience fatigue while traveling.