One Wet Weather Day was expected in Sunday Sunday – NBC Los Angeles

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Cooler temperatures and cloudy sky on Saturday are likely to bring a lot of rain on Sunday.

It is likely that the low clouds do not rain until just after midnight on Sunday, and probably not a large part of Southern California will only see a drizzle. However, some areas, such as the Long Beach and Irvine, may experience mild to moderate rainfall in the early hours of the day, with light showers hanging around Southern California into the afternoon.

“As we go into tomorrow’s hours for tomorrow, we’ll only have a little bit of ‘extra lift’, if you will, in the equation,” said David Biggar, Meteorologist NBCLA. “This could be a bit more in the way of heavier showers, but otherwise it is relatively light.”

Don’t expect too much rain, however. The clouds will create a maximum of 1/4 inch rain, and areas further north, such as Ventura County, may stay dry evenly.

Also, it is estimated that the rain from the area quickly will quickly, and only the mountains carved watch Monday morning.



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