One Yamaha E01 Electric Motor Has Passed Homologation

BOGOR, – The Yamaha E01 electric motorcycle will soon start road tests in Indonesia before 2023. Currently, the motorcycle has passed homologation and is declared ready for testing.

Asst General Manager Marketing – Public Relations of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) Antonius Widiantoro said that homologation is intended to be used on the road, it does not mean that it is directly sold.

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“Every vehicle that will be used on Indonesian roads must pass homologation. Homologation does not have to be sold. The purpose of yesterday’s E01 was homologated so that it can be used on Indonesian roads,” said Anton in Bogor, West Java, last weekend.

Dock. Yamaha Yamaha E01 aka Electric NMAX

“The type test is also the same so that it can be used on Indonesian roads. Because we will reveal this, if for example like in IIMS 2022 it is only a display, it cannot be used on roads. Because the permit is only for display,” he said.

Anton said that of the 20 units of E01 motorcycles that will be tested in Indonesia, one motorcycle has passed homologation.

“While these 20 units (which will be tested) one unit has homologated and a letter has been issued stating that it is feasible to go. That’s why, ‘why not yet’, because we have to prepare for it, not just come and try to catch the police,” he said. .

Previously, Anton said, according to the schedule, E01 would be tested in Indonesia in the second semester before 2023.

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The pretentious display of the Yamaha E01 electric motorbike that will appear at the IIMS Hybrid The pretentious display of the Yamaha E01 electric motorbike that will appear at the IIMS Hybrid 2022.

“We will start before 2023, which we announced yesterday in April, we will start the market test in the second semester,” said Anton.

Anton said this test was necessary because Yamaha had to look at the advantages of the product. There are several things that will be seen, one of which is about speed and mileage ability.

“One of the things that consumers expect of the EV, one of which is how much distance and speed. For example, in a combustion engine, how much power, how economical,” he said.

“For example, 1 liter (gasoline) can (travel) how many km, what can be measured on an electric motor. It means that one of them can be at what speed and distance traveled,” said Anton.

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