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one year after the killings in Parkland, the arms legislation has hardly changed

For many, in the United States, there was a before and after Parkland. On February 14, 2018, a man entered the high school in Florida, north of Miami, and killed 17 people. Teenagers for the most part. The next day, the tears of the survivors, who had seen their comrades die, appeared on television. And the speech of one of the high school girls, Emma Gonzalez, upset the country. In the process, the Parkland youth organized peaceful marches. In Washington, one month after the tragedy, several hundred thousand people were gathered. The movement of the "March for our lives" had just been born. Since then, he has traveled the country to make the cause of arms control heard.

The highest shot dead

Young Emma Gonzalez continues to call for tougher legislation. Nominated by "Variety" among the five women of the year 2018, figure recognized on Twitter with 1.6 million followers, she militates on the left and has just launched a movement to ban the automatic weapons of Florida. Comrade David Hogg has written a book about this "new generation" and is waiting to enter Harvard. Like another survivor, Jaclyn Corin, she also became a social network figure, where she is particularly critical of Donald Trump.

A year after the emotion, however, America has not questioned itself. The shootings continued, every week. And, if the figures for 2018 have not yet been made public, they should be as bad as those of 2017, which had seen the number of gun deaths jump to nearly 40,000. Brought back to the population, it was the highest level of violence since the mid-1990s.

Bump stocks prohibited

In recent months, the debate has been overshadowed by addictions. Drugs kill more than guns (70,000 deaths in 2017), although some also see a link between this scourge and homicides.

On the legislation side, the record of the March movement for our lives is meager, for the moment. It has just managed to ban the "bump stocks", these devices that can turn a weapon into automatic. This is the device that was used during the Las Vegas killings, a few months before Parkland. The powerful gun lobby, the National Rifle Association (NRA), and the Republicans had to resign themselves to it. Several traders had also reduced their offer.

The next goal for activists is to re-launch the issue in the 2020 presidential campaign and limit the NRA's weight in policy funding. Vast program: in 2016, she had spent more than 30 million dollars. The industry, it, more than 50 billion in the United States.

Nicolas Rauline

New York Office


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