One year of black week

With confinement, which lasts longer than a month, people have had to reinvent themselves. Not to be overwhelmed by boredom and thus to break with monotony, many have given it to them through memories. Photographs running through the networks of when they were 20 years old, experiences of so long ago, adventures of that particular summer. Things like that. There are dates for certain dates, all adapted to the reality of each one. There is no escaping Girona, which has more blacks than others. One of these, very recently. Of those that would never have happened, but that have served to mark, and in what way, the current reality that the club lives. Right now is a year of a nasty week. Of a double kick, with capital letters, and of almost definitive consequences. On April 20 and 23, 2019, with just a few days difference and without too much time to pair it, the team confirmed their free fall. Two consecutive defeats, in Vigo and Valladolid, gave air to two direct opponents, emphasizing the bad moment of those of Eusebio Sacristán and opening the doors of the relegation. Just where he had never fallen before, and where he got in the worst possible time. The penultimate disappointment, the prelude to the catastrophe that would come only weeks later.

First, it is time to put in context to understand the magnitude of the tragedy. Girona left Butarque in March, with a 0-2 in the pocket, good feelings for the gallery and a booty of 34 points. Ten days before the end of the league, twelfth place on the table and nine points on the descent drew a flat horizon. The thing went awry, and in what way. Just before that week, a year ago, the team lost with Villarreal (0-1) and saw how the danger was only three points away. The locker room survival manual had only two chapters: to get out of the next two games alive. He had to visit the fields of Celta and Valladolid, teams below him and also struggling to save themselves. The problem is that no one followed the letter, theoretically. The practice was a disaster.

The pessimism is growing

On April 20, just yesterday, Girona lost to Balaidos in a new bad performance of the white-and-red team, apathetic and erratic on the grass. The goal of Portu, in the first stages of the second act and that would establish a momentary tie to the marker (1-1) was the only light of a performance to forget. He was leaving Vigo with a new defeat, the fifth in a row and fell to sixteenth. The decline was only two points away and it was precisely the next opponent: Valladolid.

There was no reaction to Pucela. Rather, confirmation. The one of the terrible moment of those of Eusebio, that did not do more than to feed the pessimism day after day. In a flat game, with almost no arrivals and where the slogan, as it was seen on the pitch, it was more prudent to choose a rival who also had water in his neck. ’emma of the Castilians and the goal of Michel what would become the differential factor. It was April 23, the day of a Saint George that could be celebrated normally, something that this year will not happen, but that was very bitter for Girona. The final 1-0 served to draw more than one conclusion. The first was that the defeats were crowded. Up to six in a row, something that Montilivi had not suffered for a long time. The second, the classification. The equipment fell in reduction places. I had never done so before in the First Division and that was when there were only four days left to go. And third, what was to be done with Eusebius?

Absolute trust

Just one day after falling to Valladolid, the squad exercised normally and did so under the direction of the La Seca coach. Girona posted a photo of the session, with the trainer clearly visible, on social networks. A hint of what would come shortly after. The sports director, Quique Cárcel, explained that despite the delicate athletic situation, the confidence in Eusebio by the club was total and that it would be with him that the season was over. So it was. Sevilla won that Sunday and the hopes (1-0) were reborn, but the three subsequent, also in a row (defeats with Getafe, Levante and Alavés) confirmed the loss of category. The return to the Second Division, where a team that paid dearly that black week is trying to escape now.


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