OneCoin: did Greenwood move millions via smartphone?

Schramberg / London / New York. Sebastian Greenwood, once co-inventor of the alleged cryptocurrency and lover of Ruja Ignatova, is said to have moved millions out of prison. At least that’s what the London lawyer Jonathan Levi claims.

Levy, who represents a number of OneCoin victims, is convinced that Greenwood has managed to divert at least 20 million from his jail cell in the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York from accounts in Dubai that were blocked until last year and move them to other channels. He used a smartphone that the authorities had confiscated from his cell, as it became known on September 21.

A US attorney said at the time that there were 20 gigabytes of data on this smartphone that still had to be evaluated.

Greenwoods Pass. Quelle: Levy

Smartphones used sensibly

Lawyer Levy says ironically: “Now it seems as if he used the smartphone ‘sensibly’ to appear in court hearings half a world away and to give instructions to lawyers and notaries.” which Greenwood has granted. It also shows several checks from banks in the United Arab Emirates made out to large amounts in Greenwood’s name.

All of this is only possible because the authorities have “slept”. So far, regulators like the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have not yet tried to get close to the billions that Ignatova and Greenwood have stolen from their victims.

Some checks in favor of Greenwood. One euro is worth about four dirhams. Source: Levy

Greenwood has now exploited that to move millions of dollars aside. The authorities in Dubai, who lifted the account block for the OneCoin accounts there in June 2020, would have helped. Shortly before, they had already closed the investigation against the OneCoiner led by Ignatova, Greenwood but also against the Munich lawyer Martin B. who was accused in Münster.

Account approval for OneCoin participants by the authorities in Dubai. Source: Levy

Millions checks in circulation

Greenwood had managed to get hold of these now no longer frozen accounts with several hundred million dollars. With his attorneys in Dubai and powers of attorney, he was able to appear in court via his smartphone. He had withdrawn at least $ 20 million through a system of check-making and put it aside. One of Ruja Ignatova’s lawyers also “got something from the booty,” Levy said.

Has Greenwood now bunkered diamonds in Copenhagen?

Greenwood Power of Attorney. Source: Levy

Levy also presents a Greenwood Power of Attorney dated March 14, 2021 for an Emirati, Ahmed Abdo Hajj Mohammed Aldubaili. This was also notarized via a smartphone. Ahmed Abdo Hajj Mohammed Aldubaili worked for Sequoyah Vaulting ApS until September 23, as “Officer” and one of the company’s shareholders.

Sequoyah is a Danish gold and diamond trading company. It also offers safes as a “discreet and secure alternative to keeping valuables”, as it says on the website. According to the commercial register, Ahmed Aldubaili also has a residence in Bulgaria: Monestary Meadown 68 Flora Park 1404 Sofia.

Levy: The money is disappearing

“The ludicrous actions of Sebastian Greenwood from his prison cell confirm my worst fears,” writes attorney Levy. “Namely, that with every day that goes by, the billions of values ​​are hidden so well that there is no hope of ever getting at them again.”

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