ONEE delivers full content-event, sending oneD app to penetrate the OTT market

360 Daily Manager – ONEE Stands One Content Creator Showing the results of the first quarter of 65, profit of 250 million baht, growing more than 30%, ready to pay a dividend of 0.069 baht / share, forming an online platform, submitting oneD app to penetrate the OTT market, ready to go through Q2 in all dimensions

“The One Enterprise Public Company Limited” or ONEE reported numbers in the first quarter (Jan.-Mar. 2022), with total revenue of 1,588 million baht, net profit of 250 million baht, growing by 30% from the quarter. the same in 64, especially revenue from copyright management Contract manufacturing and services And artist management grew more than 50%. Revenue from advertising and public relations services. and service broadcasting time on the station including selling products still making a good proportion of income

Mr. Takonkiet Virawan, Group Chief Executive Officer of The One Enterprise Public Company Limited or ONEE, Thailand’s leading integrated media and entertainment business Revealed an overview of the Company’s operating results during the first quarter (Jan.-Mar. 2022) in the past that the ONEE group’s business operations will remain strong. and adapt well Because we have a professional content creator who has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. Therefore, the strengths can be pulled out and used effectively.

various growth figures This quarter was born from the success of many channels. Whether it is income from copyright management such as the F4 Thailand series that has made a landslide both in Thailand and abroad. including artist management that can bring artists from the ONEE group to enter the market by being a presenter for a variety of products such as Pong Nawat, Bie Sukrit, Gam Wichayanee, Film Thanapat, Tongtong Kritsakorn, etc. or The hottest duo Bright-Win, Kris-Singto, Ohm-Non, etc., including concerts or group events, The One Enterprise There are artists and actors. Whether it’s the artist band LAZ 1 (Laz 1), the new boy group of T-Pop, or artists from The Star IDOL and The Golden Song, who are ready to create colors. Giving happiness to everyone in every opportunity including selling products Merchandising

While the ratings for the first quarter, Channel One 31 retained its position as the 4th most popular television station in the entertainment industry with an average rating of 0.86 (06.00-24.00). (18.00-22.30 hrs.) is ranked at a rating of 2.29 by the drama “Norasa On” is the content that creates the highest rating.
The station with a rating of 5.84 and is also a drama at 7:00 PM that received the No. 1 popularity trend in the entertainment industry in the first quarter as well as “Heir of the glutinous rice variety” has the highest rating at 5.40. The drama “Wan Wassana” is on the podium. It is the industry’s No. 1 after-news drama with a rating of 4.12 (25 Jan. 65), including the drama “Sineha Sari”, creating a trend both offline and online, grabbing the highest TV rating at 3.72.
While the drama “Cupid Time” is currently airing Every Wednesday-Thursday at 8:20 p.m. Talk of the Town generates a sensational story in a drama that reflects real life in today’s society about “Cyber ​​Bully” until it is trending on Twitter Thailand No. 1

The best strategy at The One Enterprise group Prepare to be released in the second quarter (Apr.-June) this year 65, starting with invading the OTT online market with the oneD application that comes with the slogan “fun, free, good every day” ready to open 100% free to download and watch. It is an application that combines a wide variety of content from affiliated companies. and allied camps come together in one place, whether it is dramas, series, sitcoms, concerts, stage plays and variety shows, with the LIVE TV feature that will allow you to watch live TV online from Channel One 31 or Channel GMM 25 immediately, increasing the channel for viewers to access content more conveniently.
while the main content of The One Enterprise group still focus on premium and full of exclusive content

The radio media from GMM MEDIA has a positive signal. from the start of returning to organize various concert activities that corresponds to the direction of the government’s release of locks As for the variety show group Which will be broadcast on Channel 31 will find the return of the best singing contest program The Star, search for the sky, grab the stars, the hit program The Voice All Star, which debuted with a special and intense format. “One News News Agency” this year is strong with a strategy to produce news programs with intense content and complete