O’Neill hospitalized urgently for cirrhosis of the liver. Daughter: “Alcohol is Killing Him”

The Uruguayan ex Cagliari and Juve, who has been living in poverty for some time, is now exhausted. Martina, her daughter: “He needs a liver transplant but if he doesn’t stop drinking he won’t be able”

Engaged in a long, endless struggle against alcoholism, Fabian O’Neill is now in danger of losing his life. The alarm was raised by Martina, the daughter of the former playmaker from Cagliari, Perugia and Juventus, who revealed the critical state in which her father was hospitalized in an emergency last Friday in a Montevideo clinic. According to doctors, O’Neill’s physique would have reacted well and could be discharged in the next few days, “but the clinical picture is very serious and the liver is now compromised by alcohol abuse”. To complicate everything, even a serious urinary tract infection. On the columns of the Paìs the daughter Martina claims that the situation is “alarming”. Many former colleagues including Zidane, his great friend since the time of Juventus, willing to help him by supporting the costs of rehabilitation. “He needs a transplant,” revealed the Uruguayan’s daughter, “but if he doesn’t stop drinking immediately he won’t be able to.”

Health compromised

The alarm for O’Neill’s health was triggered last Friday and it was the same former player who launched him by calling his son Fabio, who rushed to his bedside in Paso de los Toros. Stuck in bed for days in excruciating pain, the former attacking midfielder was immediately transported to a clinic in the Uruguayan capital, where he was diagnosed with acute liver cirrhosis. The physique – doctors report – is now hopelessly debilitated by years of abuse due to the known passion for alcohol. “Only a liver transplant could save him,” revealed his daughter Martina. “But in these conditions he cannot face it. He needs help, but first of all he has to decide to change. ” A decision that O’Neill himself has always said he does not want to take while admitting that he is a slave to his vice. “I squandered everything, but I never hurt anyone, only myself. Many women tried to change me, but I never wanted to. If they had tried to help me in the past I would have refused. I am like this, rebellious and proud “, he declared a few years talking openly about the passions and vices that led him to squander everything he earned in his career (over $ 14 million) to the point of being reduced to poverty and having to go and live in the mother’s house. Four years ago he was also forced to undergo a gallbladder surgery after which he was strongly advised to say goodbye to alcohol. But the abstinence lasted only a month and O’Neill fell back into the tunnel of alcoholism.

The alarm

Now that his physique is exhausted, the only way to salvage seems to be liver transplantation. First of all, however, it is necessary to face a path of rehabilitation that O’Neill himself has always refused to undertake. As revealed by the Uruguayan press, after hospitalization he received the calls of many former colleagues willing to give him a hand, first of all that Zinedine Zidane to whom he is united by a strong friendship and who has always claimed to consider him “the player most talented ever seen on the field ”. The former agent Paco Casal and the production house Tanfield also offered to help him, willing to bear the costs of rehabilitation. But the first and most important step is up to O’Neill himself.


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