OnePlus 6: easier disassembly than expected


The iFixit team boned the OnePlus 6 and made a half-hearted verdict. Thus, if the battery is easily removed, it is far from the case of Oled slab.

Like all high-end smartphones, the OnePlus 6 is in the expert hands of the iFixit team . Their protocol, aimed at deboning the terminal to assess its “repairability”, led to a mixed verdict as indicated by their final score: 5/10. Despite some good surprises during teardown , some gaps will actually penalize users of the new flagship from the Chinese manufacturer. A screen that gives a hard time According to the experience of the iFixit teams, the back cover of the terminal retreats with ease. Once in the heart of the beast, things seem to start out intuitively. Most components can be removed effortlessly. Although an indication states that the ” battery is not removable “, a small green tab allows to get out the accumulator The terminal has received no IP waterproofing certification, however, the iFixit handymen have still spotted some waterproof components here and there. so.
The OnePlus 6 naked. (Credit: iFixit)
It is only by leaning over the screen that things get complicated. It may be the most common repair, but it will not be the easiest on the OnePlus 6. In cause, all the glue hanging Oled slab to the body of the phone. iFixit even believes that it can not be removed without damaging it. A problem to relativize, because, a priori, if there is need to replace it is good because it is already damaged. Finally, with this repairability rating of 5/10, the OnePlus 6 is therefore more accessible than a Samsung Galaxy S9 or one Huawei P20 , both at 4/10, but still a length behind the iPhone X who got away with a nice 6/10 .


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