OnePlus announces EarBuds Pro with active noise reduction for 150 euros – Image and sound – News

Well, bought Sony wireless earbuds with ANC a while ago, but I’m not crazy about it.

After the wireless advantage, there are also many disadvantages, including:

– Weight, they just don’t stay in place because of the weight. (No matter what size you try). Running is often a disaster and not comfortable at all.

– Size, due to the fairly large size and shape of many wireless earbuds, you will soon suffer from wind noises that you hear when it is windy, for example, or when you are cycling. Unfortunately, ANC did little against that in my case.

– ANC is a nice technical feature, but it does affect the sound quality.

– Sound volume, with bluetooth buds remains a very big guess in how loud they can be compared to 3.5mm outputs. You can often disable that annoying European volume cap via firmware or use a thick mobile amplifier.

Then you will think why does sound have to be so loud? Many advantages to:

Instead of ANC you can just increase your sound and keep sound quality and thus eliminate noise. (Personal taste)

You don’t need software tricks or equalizer preamping, which will certainly cause clipping. (Certainly if you use replaygain and do NOT want clipping)

Well what can I say, I’m an average audiophile.

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