OnePlus is thinking of a foldable smartphone (and is working on it)

The foldable smartphone may just be the future. This is not only the opinion of companies such as Samsung and Huawei, but also the people of OnePlus. The company is looking at the possibilities.

Today it is announced that OnePlus has been awarded a patent for a foldable smartphone. Through the Dutch website LetsGoDigital it becomes clear that this is a model with two hinges.

Foldable smartphone from OnePlus

Where Samsung is already ready for its fourth foldable smartphone and third foldable smartphone, OnePlus has yet to come up with a first model. The immensely popular brand has a fanatical following who, according to the company itself, would be waiting for such a device. The company has therefore conducted research into such a smartphone and already has a good idea of ​​how the whole plan should be tackled. This is clear from a patent that has been assigned.

It is therefore a slightly more extensive model than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The foldable smartphone from OnePlus is provided with two hinges in this patent, so that you have three screen parts. So you are dealing with a Z-shaped smartphone. A solution that Samsung also seems to be looking at.

Foldable smartphone OnePlus
The patent (Image: LetsGoDigital)

We don’t know yet what the foldable smartphone from OnePlus will have to offer. However, the people of LetsGoDigital have converted the patent into a concept. So you can get an impression of what the device could eventually look like. The photo above this article is an example, but there is more to see on this website.

Is this really the future?

Since the arrival of the Galaxy Fold, the better of the two, I already see a future in the foldable smartphone. If companies like OnePlus also get involved in the case, I think it can go fast with development. So far I have had the opportunity to test three different folding smartphones and three different folding smartphones. When I look at the developments that have taken place in recent years in the field of “the normal telephone”, I think that the game is over by now.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: the most impressive smartphone that you will pass up

The major development of the market, and with it the future, is without a doubt the foldable smartphone. Curious about what I think of the most recent model? Then check out the above review!

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OnePlus is thinking of a foldable smartphone (and is working on it)

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