Lawyer Miriam Vietzke has had success with online divorces. The 39-year-old explains why it works and why she has no need herself.

A few clicks – and even the happiest marriage is divorced. Menden lawyer Miriam Vietzke operates an online portal for divorces. She advertises the with a quick divorce success. The 39-year-old could even win a prize for her business idea. Only the answer to the question about one’s own marriage is surprising.

“It’s like an undertaker. It’s a job that you don’t necessarily scramble about. But someone has to do it, ”says Miriam Vietzke. As a young lawyer from Menden, she specialized in family law and enjoyed the emotional cases. At the same time, you benefit from the legal requirement for divorce cases.

Lawyer advertises extremely fast divorce processes

Her divorce portal is anything but emotional. The customers enter their data almost like in an online department store. After a few clicks and the cost calculation for the procedure, the data ends up in the office on Märkische Straße. Vietzke then applies for a divorce at the competent court. “Most letters go out the same day,” explains Vietzke. “The only time-consuming thing is the pension adjustment.” The data on the pension is requested by the court. Vietzke then mediates with the clients.

“I’ve been working on optimizing processes for seven years,” says Vietzke, who founded (external link!) In 2013. She makes it clear that many areas of the law firm focus on technology. “That is also an enormous effort for us, also in terms of our costs.” Vietzke now has two specialist employees, both women.

The 39-year-old has never seen most of her clients

The result of the additional expenditure in this area also compensated for the comparatively lower expenditure in the individual cases. Vietzke’s main customers are simple fates. “That can only be done through us if everything goes well.” In other words: The partners have to agree that the year of separation is over. There must be no more arguments about pension claims and children.

“I’ve never seen most of my clients,” says Vietzke. She herself was astonished that the demand from the mobility impaired was great. Some use video contact. There are also deaf and mute people who appreciate the written route or who can be accompanied digitally by a helper. “Thanks to Corona, it has become more and more.”

Miriam Vietzke has been nominated for a prize – women are honored for technical ideas

The 39-year-old is currently nominated for a prize. The “European Women of Legal Tech Award 2020” is intended to honor contributions from women who have made outstanding contributions to the digitization of legal work processes. Miriam Vietzke emphasizes that she is aware that she is not traveling alone. “We don’t have a huge lead.” The competition is huge. “It is an enormous effort to keep up there. You not only have to establish yourself, you also have to hold on. ”This is where you can vote for the competition (external link!).

Incidentally, Miriam Vietzke is currently not threatened with divorce. When asked about her own marriage, she has to agree: “I’m not married myself.” But she hears the question more often, especially since there was no reason at all in personal life, she says with a smile: “I have a super intact one myself Family.”

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