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Online – PNL councilor Diaconu criticizes Fritz ‘restructuring plan

by archyw

Saturday 15th May 2021

Temeswar (ADZ) – The chairman of the PNL faction in the city council, ex-vice mayor Dan Diaconu, sharply criticized the concept for the renovation of the old buildings in Timisoara presented by mayor Dominic Fritz and thus pointed to renewed quarrels in the PNL-USR coalition at local level. The liberal Vice Mayor Cosmin Tabără, whose area of ​​responsibility includes the city’s architectural heritage, was duped by the initiative. There were no consultations with the liberal coalition partner, said Tabără. Diaconu pointed out the shortcomings of the project, which were mainly of a legal nature. As the ADZ reported, Fritz suggests that the owners of listed properties get up to 80 percent of the renovation costs financed by the city, they should repay the loan within ten years and at the same time agree to a real estate mortgage in favor of the city. In the case of houses that are not listed themselves, but are only located in a listed area, the loan should only amount to 50 percent of the costs. The city can also have the work carried out itself. The project should first be publicly debated and then presented to the city council.

Diaconu said that the project presented by Fritz was based on a draft law that came from his pen. The former administration under Nicolae Robu and Dan Diaconu had not had success with their own project, the increased taxation of the owners who neglect their buildings was canceled by the courts. That is why Diaconu drafted an amendment to the current law No. 153/2011 to improve the quality of buildings and brought it to the point where the draft is now before parliament for debate. In this respect it would have been appropriate if Fritz had exchanged ideas with the PNL parliamentary group, believes the former vice mayor.

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The biggest problems are related to the planned mortgage. The city administration is not a bank and cannot grant loans, said Diaconu. The Treasury Department had made this very clear in the past and is certainly currently of the same opinion. Because a local administration cannot grant loans, it should not force someone to mortgage their property in favor of the lender. It is unclear how this idea came about, namely to force private owners to take out mortgages, said Diaconu. It would be recommended to the mayor to forego the drums and trumpets and to concentrate on the essentials. He has the impression that the executive is announcing projects that do not stand up to scrutiny with superfluous fuss, and are ultimately only interested in fuss. At the time of going to press, the city administration had not yet responded to criticism from the liberal group leader.

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