Business Online scams: it's possible to create your e-commerce site...

Online scams: it's possible to create your e-commerce site in less than an hour


Experts say that if online scams are increasing, it's also because creating a site has never been easier. We wanted to know if creating an online store was really within everyone's reach and we put ourselves, for the time of a test, in the shoes of an apprentice seller who would have no experience in IT or in e-commerce, no warehouse, no product to sell.

Visit the Shopify platform, the Canadian behemoth of e-commerce publishing. It offers a "14 day free" trial. Only three elements are necessary: ​​an e-mail address, a password and a company name. Arbitrarily, for our test which plans to market glitter tops for the evenings, it will be MonpetitTop.

Lack of stock is not a problem

In a few seconds, our shop is created. "Tell us a bit about yourself: are you already selling something?" What is your current turnover? Are you setting up a store for a customer? No, zero and no, since we don't even have an auto-entrepreneur number in our pocket.

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Address, telephone number, the very simple questionnaire continues. "Add your first product," says Shopify. Our sequin top is sold for around 3 euros, including shipping, on AliExpress. We decide to sell it for 19.99 euros (42 times its price) in four colors and all sizes from S to 5XL. Only one question looks like glue: the HS code but a quick search on the Internet makes it possible to find it.

A check box proposes to "continue marketing even if there is no stock". Checked. Stocks remain at zero but Shopify is delighted: “Congratulations! You have added your first product. Until then, the operation will have taken us thirty minutes.

At this stage, we can increase the catalog but impossible to put anything online, even for the free trial, without a credit card number. The basic offer at 29 € per month does not allow you to sell. You have to turn to the “most popular” offer, the one at € 79 every 30 days, to be able to operate a retail store.

No reminder of the legislation

We will stop there. Conclusion: it would have taken no knowledge and less than an hour to create the embryo of an e-commerce site. Without any reminder of the legislation or warning as to the obligations of a seller vis-à-vis his customers (compliance, right of withdrawal, return, refund …) or the State (customs, VAT …).

Asked about the drifts of "dropshipping", greatly facilitated by its tool, Shopify believes that "the dropshipping is one method of supply among others. "

But the Canadian said to commit "daily alongside entrepreneurs and traders to help them adopt a responsible approach, in strict compliance with the regulatory framework. We also have several teams responsible for investigating potential violations of our usage policy, and responding to reports of suspected copyright infringement as well as fraud complaints. Consumers themselves can also submit a report, opinion or complaint online. "


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