Only 7 out of 100 local high school seniors passed regular medical school

8 out of 10 regular medical school students are N students
21% of high school seniors’ regular admission to medical school

It was found that 8 out of 10 students who passed the medical school through regular college admissions were ‘N-students’ (students preparing for the college entrance exam for more than 2 years). High school seniors in non-metropolitan areas accounted for less than 7% of the total, revealing a clear gap with those in the metropolitan area.

On the 23rd, as a result of analyzing the Ministry of Education’s ‘2020-2023 regular admission medical school freshman selection results’ by Kang Deuk-gu, the Democratic Party’s lawmaker’s office and incumbent teachers, ‘Education Lab Public Director’ analyzed the results of the regular medical school admission for the last 4 years. The share of students was only 6.95%. In particular, in the 2023 entrance exam, there was not a single high school senior who passed medical school in Chungbuk and Incheon.

The successful candidates from Seoul and Gyeonggi accounted for a remarkably high percentage. As of the 2023 academic year, 36.3% (460 people) of those who passed the medical school, including high school seniors and graduates, were from high schools in Seoul, followed by Gyeonggi with 19.1% (242 people). In non-metropolitan areas, Jeonbuk 7.3% (92 people), Busan 7.0% (89 people), and Daegu 6.9% (88 people) were on the high side.

N students had an absolute advantage in being on time for medical school than high school seniors. Among the successful candidates for the last 4 years, the ratio of ‘N students’ accounted for 77.5%, and among them, the ratio of ‘3 students’ and ‘4 students or more’ was 35.2%. On the other hand, only 21.3% of high school seniors were admitted to medical school through regular admission.

Rep. Kang said, “The large number of successful applicants from high schools in Seoul seems to be due to the influence of private education and the economic background that allows them to do more than a second exam.” We need to reexamine whether it is appropriate,” he said.

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