Only a Day Admits Regret Attending the Party, The Next Day Died Due to Corona


A man from California, United States, posted his remorse on social media Facebook for being careless in attending a party that made him infected with the Corona virus. A day after he posted his message, the man died of COVID-19.

Whereas before, the man named Thomas Macias was very obedient to the rules of social distancing and keeping a distance before the local government finally loosened lockdown. His niece, Danielle Lopez, said Macias had diabetes which was likely to be a cause of COVID-19 which he experienced was quite severe.

“Because of my stupidity, I endangered the health of my mother and sister. Hopefully with God’s help, I can survive this (COVID-19),” Macias wrote on his Facebook account, which unfortunately died the next day.

Quoted from NBC News, reported by Lopez from March to early July, Macias only left the house if needed. He was undergoing strict quarantine because he was overweight and diabetic.

But around mid-June, when the regional governor relaxed the restrictions, Macials attended a party in Los Angeles. According to Lopez, guests at the party attended by his uncle were not wearing masks.

Macias decided to test Corona after receiving word that his colleague had been diagnosed with COVID-19. It is not clear whether other guests have since been declared positive.

“He thinks it’s okay to go out and end up spending time with his friends because he thinks it’s fine. But before that he only goes really when necessary,” said Lopez.

Macias was diagnosed positive for Corona on June 18. Two days later, he posted his condition and regrets on Facebook. The day after that, he passed away.


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