Only a few hours after the election in Liverpool, THOUSANDS is selling Champions League tickets


Just hours after a disappointing vote in Liverpool, the Champions League final tickets have already appeared on resale sites.

Thousands of die-hard fans missed the opportunity to win tickets for the match against Tottenham on 1 June in Madrid. Those who remained frustrated after 2:00 pm were now bitterly beaten.

Hundreds of limited tickets allocated to fans have now appeared on StubHub's resale page at incredible prices ranging from $ 3,000 to $ 40,000.

The cheapest ticket available for sale on the site at the time of writing costs € 3,400 and is in category 4 of the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

The UEFA Champions League trophy

Fans willing to spend more on extra luxury can even purchase a range of hospitality tickets for an unbelievable € 27,999.

A number of tickets for the VIP Gold section now cost around 40,000 euros.

The Spirit of Shankly and Tottenham Hotspur Supporters & # 39; Trust released a joint statement after the vote asking Champions League sponsors to return tickets they received for the finals to the fans of each club.

According to the supporters' unions, fans of the participating clubs have received only about 25% of the available tickets.

Spirit of Shankly and Tottenham Hotspur Supporters – Trust – the independent official fan groups of LFC and THFC – are calling on the main sponsors of the UEFA Champions League to buy some of the tickets they have received for the Champions League final to return the pot for supporters of both clubs.

We ask Nissan, Playstation, Gazprom, PepsiCo, Banco Santander, MasterCard, Heineken and Expedia Group to rebalance the current unfair allocation, which means fans of both competing clubs will receive less than 25% of the available tickets.

As the main sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, your companies value the passion and dedication of the fans who follow their teams and turn every game into a spectacle.

But many of the fans who followed their club this season will miss the biggest game of all time.

How thousands become more faithful followers.

SOS and THST believe that such a sponsor gesture would help boost the event by increasing the number of enthusiastic fans in the stadium and increasing the reputation of each brand on a global scale.

We also urge every sponsor to persuade UEFA to award tickets for future finals that are fairer, fairer and benefit the fans.

The fans took part in Twitter after the ballot was announced to express their disappointment.

Paul Wood said, "Except, I did not get a ticket in the poll, good luck to anyone who managed to get picked.

"Enjoy your trip and bring big ears home, yes!"

Thousands of Liverpool fans were disappointed after the ticket selection

Deborah Cohen also said, "No joy in the lfc Champions League ticket choice.

"To date, I've won only a fully illustrated Protestant Bible in a raffle.

"My dad says it was manipulated."

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Many also used social media to see if other fans had replacement cards after they were let down.

Elliot Smith said, "This could be the most meaningless tweet anyone has ever sent, but a chance of a replacement for the Champions League final?

"Unsuccessful in the vote."

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