The ministry is worried above all by the transport aircraft A400M and the armored infantry vehicle Puma. Here is the quality at delivery "continue to increase", it is said in a response by the Parliamentary State Secretary Peter Tauber to a request of the left-wing MP Matthias Höhn. "Here, we still see the industry in the obligation to fulfill the agreed services as quickly as possible."

Of the 71 Puma tanks delivered last year, 27 are ready for use, of the eight A400M half. The new helicopters also look bleak: two of seven "Tiger" combat helicopters from 2017 are ready for use, and four of the seven "NH90" transport helicopters.

Readiness for new equipment is well below average

That only one of the four new "Eurofighter" fighter jets can be used at present, the ministry attributes to the retrofitting with new mainframes. "A release for the use of these three Eurofighter is expected soon," it says in the letter.

The operational readiness of the new devices is even below the average of all over 5,000 copies of the 53 main weapon systems that are available to the Bundeswehr. The latest test report from February 2018 shows that significantly more than half of this total can be used.

Left-politicians: "Scandal, if allowed by the Leyen this billion dollar botch"

Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) has set a clear improvement in the operational readiness of Bundeswehr material to the goal. According to the left-wing politician Höhn, the CDU politician does not live up to her own claims. "Brand-new military equipment directly from the production halls of the defense industry does not work," he says. "It's unacceptable for the industry to take material and pay for it, but it does not work."

What is delivered must also be 100 percent operational. "It's a scandal when Ms. von der Leyen allows this billion-dollar bungling of the arms industry at the expense of taxpayers."

In video: Military Commissioner Bartels calls for full equipment of the Bundeswehr


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