The famous Ukrainian doctor Yevgeny Komarovsky spoke about cases and diseases for which antibiotics are worth using.
He published such information in the form of a post on his Instagram page. Komarovsky published a table with a list of the most common diseases that occur in the autumn-winter period.
In particular, antibiotics should be used when:
– angina;
– whooping cough;
– urinary tract infections.
In addition, antibiotics should not be taken with:
– bronchitis;
– "red throat";
– cold;
– flu;
– "undead".

In the case of these diseases or their symptoms, antibiotics should be drunk, because the cause of the disease are viruses, not bacteria.
Recall earlier practical advice from Dr. Komarovsky.
The bites of some spiders in Ukraine are usually safe, but there are also dangerous specimens.
This information appeared on the website of the doctor Evgeny Komarovsky.
He said that through thick skin, a spider bite will not do anything to an adult. With children, the situation is somewhat different.
Komarovsky noted that if you were bitten by a spider, you should immediately attach something cold to the affected area and give paracetamol to the injured person.
"If he bites an arm or leg, then to prevent the spread of poison, lower the leg or arm while lying down. Also, you should remove all the ornaments from your hands. Then you should band it up, starting from the top of the wound. the impossibility of dressing the area – press it and go to the doctor ", – said the doctor.
It is also reported that after a bite, a person needs to drink plenty of water. Komarovsky advises to take antiallergic agent.
What can not be done with a spider bite: put a tourniquet, cut the wound, feed the victim, drink alcohol.
As the portal reported, it became known that Komarovsky showed how you are being brainwashed every day.
Also, “Know. Ua” wrote that Dr. Komarovsky was going fishing with Putin.



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