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The Indonesian U-23 national team players celebrate a goal against Timor Leste.




BOLANAS.COM – The coach of the Indonesian U-23 national team, Shin Tae-yong, revealed the reason for replacing Egy Maulana Vikri in the second round.

The Indonesian U-23 National Team managed to win over Timor Leste on Tuesday (10/5/2022).

In this match, the Indonesian U-23 national team won 4-1.

Four goals for the Indonesian U-23 national team were scored by Egy Maulana Vikri in the 16th minute, Witan Sulaeman (52′, 76′), and Fachrudin Aryanto (58′).

Egy Maulana Vikri is one of the players in the spotlight in this match.

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Appearing as a starter, Egy Maulana Vikri was replaced at the beginning of the second half.

The FK Senica player had contributed one goal for Garuda Muda before being replaced.

Egy Maulana Vikri also missed a lot of chances in the first half.

It was noted that there were five golden opportunities that Egy wasted throughout the first half.

Many suspected that Egy was replaced by Shin Tae-yong because of his poor performance in the first half.

In response to this, Shin Tae-yong also spoke up.

After the match, Shin Tae-yong denied this assumption.

Shin Tae-yong explained the reason for replacing Egy because of the busy 2021 SEA Games schedule.

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The South Korean coach did not want Egy to experience fatigue.

“I deliberately replaced Egy Maulana Vikri so that his energy or physicality would not be drained,” said Shin Tae-yong, Tuesday (10/5/2022).

“Moreover, in the near future we will face the Philippines,” he added.

After the match against Timor Leste, the Indonesian U-23 national team has indeed been waiting for a solid schedule.

In the next match, the Indonesian U-23 national team will face the Philippines on Friday (13/5/2022).

Two days later, Garuda Muda was waiting for Myanmar.

The Indonesian U-23 national team must win in these two matches if they want to continue to qualify for the 2021 SEA Games semifinals.

Currently, the U-23 Indonesian national team is still in fourth place in Group A of the 2021 SEA Games.

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