Only the city center of Neuchâtel will be lit all night

PublishedOctober 4, 2022, 12:09

NeuchâtelOnly the city center will not be plunged into darkness from midnight to 5 a.m.

The Neuchâtel Municipal Council has announced a package of measures to deal with the energy crisis. The most spectacular of these concerns public lighting, which will be turned off almost everywhere in the wee hours, from the end of October.

The Christmas lights will be reduced and lit for a shorter time in the city of Neuchâtel.

From November, the lampposts will be extinguished from midnight to 5 a.m. throughout the municipality of Neuchâtel, except in the city center and on transit roads. The monuments will either be completely extinguished, or extinguished from 10 p.m., such as the Castle (in agreement with the Canton), the Collegiate Church, the Town Hall or the fountains of the old town. The Municipal Council will however maintain the Christmas lights in a reduced format: they will last this year from December 6 to January 6, that is from Saint-Nicolas to Epiphany. They will thus be lit 11 days less than in normal periods and will be extinguished at 10 p.m., except on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Finally, their number will also be significantly reduced.

A moderate measure

“After two years of pandemic and in a climate of uncertainty, it seems important to us to maintain a festive decoration, which will include a sober and energy-efficient light section in the city center, a privileged meeting place for the whole of the population. The Advent period and the transition to the New Year will keep their joyful and warm side, but without the debauchery of artificial lights”, explained the municipal councilor Mauro Moruzzi, in charge of energy, in a press release issued by the City. .

Neuchâtel also plans to limit the operation of the Chaumont lighthouse to certain recurring or one-off festive events. In public transport, in addition to the drop in temperature announced by TransN at the end of last week, it is also planned to turn off bus shelters and ticket machines outside of service hours.

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