Only vaccinated people in the restaurant? This is what Munich hosts say

Munich – Florian Schönhofer has been standing personally at the entrance of his Café Kosmos since Saturday. Because he and his colleagues have decided not only to follow the 3G rule, according to which only those who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested are allowed inside bars. Only those who have been vaccinated or recovered come to Café Kosmos. Tests are not enough.

This so-called 2G concept was introduced in Hamburg as an option model. Gastronomy companies or organizers can decide for themselves whether they will only let in guests who have been vaccinated or have recovered and, in return, be exempted from certain corona protection requirements. For example, more people are allowed into a bar.

Café Kosmos: “Almost everyone is in favor of our concept”

But that’s not exactly what Schönhofer is about. “The Delta variant is comingand the old hygiene concepts are simply not enough. I don’t want to do that to my guests, “he says to AZ. In the last few days he has been insulted for it on the Internet.

“Fortunately, real life is different. The people have not been as nice as they were at the time. Almost all of them support our concept. Nine out of ten guests are vaccinated anyway. The rest are waiting for the second vaccination.” Schönhofer emphasizes: “I can only warmly advise every colleague to do the same. This is our way out of the crisis.”

Only vaccinated or recovered guests are allowed in here.  (Archive image)

Café Kosmos: Unvaccinated people are no longer allowed in here


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Florian Schönhofer is grateful to the city of Munich for the opportunity to implement even unconventional ideas unbureaucratically.

New terrace at Café Kosmos: a beer garden on the duplex garage


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Philipp Hanrieder, operator of the special economy, also finds the Hamburg model fundamentally interesting. “At the moment we’re still doing the 3G model. But we can see that most of the guests are vaccinated. So it probably wouldn’t make that much of a difference to switch to 2G.” Should it bring added value to him and the guests, he would also switch to 2G in the future.

Monika Monaco from Pizzeria Monaco on Gärtnerplatz thinks the 3G rule is good as it is. “We check our guests and everyone is happy to finally be able to show their evidence. But whether they are vaccinated, recovered or tested is up to them. That is none of my business,” she says cheerfully to AZ.

Meike Will is co-owner of the Baader Café and describes herself as a vaccine advocate. Almost all of their guests are also vaccinated. “We do everything as prescribed according to the 3G rule and have no problems with it,” she says and explains that the Baader café-goers have also been vaccinated almost across the board. Whether 2G or 3G – for the hosts, the difference is likely to be smaller in the end than expected.