ONPC: François Ruffin invites employees of SNCF and Carrefour on the set


VIDEO – Guest of Laurent Ruquier Saturday night on France 2, the deputy of France Insoumise defended the social rights of railway workers. And brought an employee of SNCF on the set to talk about it.

Original sequence, Saturday night on France 2. There was no question, as usual, of a clash or a heated debate, but surprise guests.
The show hosted by Laurent Ruquier received among others this April 14 François Ruffin, deputy of the Somme for a year. The two men exchanged on his political commitment, on the social plans of the moment, and in particular, on the railwaymen strike against railway reform.
At the end of the sequence, he who sits at the National Assembly under the colors of France Insoumise exclaims: “My goal is to speak for (these people). But I also want to give faces to fights. I chose to come with people on this set, “the politician introduced. Spectacular turn of events. Before the amused look of Philippe Sollers, Alexandre, SNCF employee, ticket clerk at the station Melun and syndicated CGT, made his entry. A “cheminot-bashing” of the media
François Ruffin evokes the conditions of the railway worker: 1800 euros net all benefits included, retirement at 64, paid between 1100 and 1200 euros. “That’s what we want to sell to us as the status to be shot down,” he adds. Alexandre then takes the microphone: “It’s been five years since I was at the SNCF (…) And today, I challenge anyone to tell me what are our advantages. Even the job for life does not exist at the SNCF (…) We have the impression that we earn thousands and cents to “nothing fuck”. That’s what we try to sell ourselves on television. We try to tell us that the railwayman is a slacker. He’s not a slacker, we get up at 3am. ”
Denouncing a “cheminot-bashing” and warning against a possible “privatization” of the railway, employee SNCF continues: “If today I strike, and that I allow myself to lose 70 euros per day of strike, this is not for my rights, it is to offer users a quality public service. ”
The FI MP continues the argument by criticizing the reform. “I’m fighting for everyone to have a status,” he said, then giving the floor to Zohra, an employee of Carrefour, where thousands of positions are threatened . “We have worse and worse working conditions in supermarkets in general. We have poverty wages. Full time and 35h are increasingly rare … “, she testifies. “Before we had to work to live. Now we live to work. And soon, it will be Sunday. When do we live? ”
A sequence to find from the 41st minute:


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