Open Heritage: Google and CyArk conserve old buildings (as a 3D model)


The Brandenburg Gate as a 3D model.

(Image: Google)

Together with CyArk Google preserves old cultural sites as a 3D model. At least, endangered wonders of the world are secured digitally. Users can explore mystical temples inside and out – or visit the Brandenburg Gate.

Natural disasters, wars and tourism threaten important buildings on this earth. That’s why the non-profit organization CyArk has been creating and archiving detailed 3D models of cultural sites for years. In collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, the NGO is now opening its archive and giving users access to walk-in 3D models.

Unusual perspective: the Brandenburg Gate from below.
In the Open Heritage Collection is also one 3D model of the Brandenburg Gate to find from Germany. More impressive is probably the Buddhist Eim ya kyaung temple in Bagan (Myanmar). An earthquake in 2016 damaged many of the temples. CyArk had scanned and photographed the monument from the natural disaster inside and out, allowing users to roam the undamaged temple without leaving the sofa. With a VR headset, the walk is even more fun.
Open Heritage offers a total of 25 virtual tours in 18 countries for free. You can travel around the Mexican ruins of Chichén Itzá, the Eschmun temple in Lebanon or the ancient city of Ayutthaya in Thailand. Enriched are the models with English audio snippets and short info texts.

Precision work CyArk measured the buildings millimeter by millimeter with a laser scanner and photographed them with cameras. Founded the NGO by Ben Kacyra, who watched television in 2001 as the Taliban destroyed the Bamiyan statues in Afghanistan. Kacyra realized that his 3D laser scanning system was also useful for capturing monuments, temples and other important structures. By and by, the “world’s largest and most detailed digital 3D archive” was created, preserving the cultural site in digital form. The 3D buildings can be viewed in the browser or with the app “Google Arts & Culture”, which is free for Android and iOS gives.

How to scan and photograph CyArk temples and other structures.
              – Source: Google Arts & Culture

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