Open the timeline “Khan Ngern”, gobble up MPIC, short investment, gain 2.4 billion baht.

#MPIC #Than Hoon – Turn on the timeline before “Khan Ngern Thaitanium” takes over M Pictures Entertainment Public Company Limited or MPIC by buying all shares from Major C. Neplex Group Public Company Limited or MAJOR in the amount of 1,202.13 million shares or 92.46% and announced the purchase of shares at a price of 1.50 baht on June 6-July 13, 2023.

Price movement of MPIC stock before the takeover news Closing price on May 19 at 1.51 baht, before that, the average daily trading value was about 1 million baht, since May 22, the share price has moved up. Trading value increased to 100-300 million baht per day. MPIC’s share price climbed to as high as 3.18 baht before weakening. and closed on May 30 at 2.58 baht

Compared to the stock price that Mr. Khan Ngern Nuern Nuan bought at 0.54 baht per share, the total cost was 650 million baht, with the market price of 2.58 baht. The shares that Mr. Khanngern held 92.46% had a total market value of 3,100 million baht, equal to the accounting profit. In less than ten days of investment, he made a profit of 2,450 million baht.

MPIC works in style

February 20, 2023 MPIC announces operating results for the year 2022 with income 284.71 million baht, net profit 24.97 million baht, earnings per share 0.02 baht, increased from year 2021 with income 159.97 million baht, net loss 20.80 million baht, loss per share 0.02 baht.

February 23, 2023 MAJOR notified that it will sell 1,202.13 million shares of MPIC shares or 92.46% to Mr.Chinawat Assavapokee At a price of 0.54 baht per share, it is expected that the share purchase agreement will be signed by May 31, 2023.

Stocks are overhyped in early March.

Date 28 Feb. – 20 Mar. ’23 shares MPIC falls under Level 1 Trading Regulatory Measures: Do not calculate trading limits and cash balance.

Date 9 May 2023 Informing the operating results for the 1st quarter of 2023 with an income of 29.49 million baht, net profit of 2.87 million baht, down from the quarter 1/22 with an income of 106.22 million baht, net profit of 4.97 million baht.

Date 15 May 2023 MPIC informed that it was unable to amend the distribution of minority shareholders (Free Float) according to the SET’s criteria. (with minority shareholders 7.54%)

Launched the name “Khan Ngern” to buy MPIC

Date 22 May 2023 MAJOR notifynew debt conversion agreementbetween youChinawat Assavapokee andMr. Khanngoen Nuannual whereby MAJOR has entered into a purchase and sale agreement for all ordinary shares held by the Company in MPIC withMr. Khanngoen Nuannual Amount 1,202.13 million shares or 92.46% of total shares sold, trading price 0.54 baht per share, total trading value 650 million baht

Date 26 May 2023 MAJOR transferred MPIC shares to Mr. Khan Ngern in the amount of 1,202.13 million shares or 92.46% and within the same day after the purchase of the above shares. The buyer transferred 45 million shares toMr. Thanaset Pojkasemsin Therefore, the buyer will have 1,157.13 million shares in the business prior to the tender offer. and does not wish to sell and confirms not to sell 22.5 million shares, representing 1.73% during the tender offer period of the Tender Offeror, in any case and agrees to do all necessary to no trading or the transfer of ownership of the Company’s shares held from the beginning of the offer period until the end of the offer period of the tender offer causing the securities to make a tender offer excluding such number of shares, equal to 120.49 million shares or 9.27% ​​of the total issued and paid-up shares of the Company. The offering price is 180.73 million baht.

MPIC has changed a new board of directors.

On May 26, 2023, the director of MPIC resigned. Composed of Mr. Wicha Poolvaraluk, Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ms. Thitapat Issarapornpat, Director, Risk Management Committee and Executive Director, Mr. Apichat Kongchai, Director, Mr. Thanakorn Puliwekin r Position Director and Executive Director

Appointment of new directors Composed of Mr. Khanngoen Nuannual, position as director instead of Mr. Wicha Poolvaraluk, Mr. Chirat Wongtrangan, position as director instead of Ms. Thitapat Issaraphonpat, Mr. Songpol Chaowanayothin as Director instead of Mr. Apichat Kongchai, Mr. Pirun Shinawatra as Director instead of Mr. Thanakorn Puliwekin

change directorSignatoryMr. Khanngern Nuannual, Mr. Chirat Wongtrangan, Mr. Songpol Chaowanyothin and Mr. Piroon Shinawatra, two of these four directors jointly sign and affix the Company’s seal.

29 May 2023Appointment of Mr. Thawan Lulian Diamond Chief Financial Officer

Stocks are racing until the market asks questions.

29 May 2023 Mr. Khanngern Nuannual informed the tender offer according to the Announcement of Intention to Acquire Securities for Business Takeover (Form 247-3) of MPIC at the price of 1.50 baht per share, total value of 181 million baht.

29 May 2023 MPIC clarified as the SET inquired about important developments of the Company due to the volume and trading price of the company’s securities significantly increased The company stated thatThe company has not made any significant developments.In addition to the information that the company has previously disseminated according to the regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

29 May 2023 The Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission received a report on the acquisition/disposition of the Company’s securities (Form 246-2). MAJOR announced the sale of MPIC shares on May 26, 2023 in the amount of 92.463% of the total voting rights of the Company. Mr. Khan Ngern Nuannual informed the acquisition of such shares.

Set up a buying table 1.50 baht/share

May 30, 2023 Mr. Khanngern Nueanual announces a tender offer for MPIC shares in the amount of 120.49 million shares or 9.27% ​​at a price of 1.50 baht per share, purchased from 09 June 2023 to 13 July 2023, the settlement date 17 Jul. 2023, buying agent, Trinity Securities

May 30, 2023 Mr. Apirak Warachon resigned from the position of director of MPIC.

31 May 2023 The Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission received a report on the acquisition/disposition of securities of the business (Form 246-2). Mr. Khanngern Nuannual reported the acquisition of shares of MPIC, which is an acquisition on May 26, 2023. The number of securities acquired, representing 89.0018% of the total voting rights of the business (revised version)

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