Open the treasure trove, Phaothong district, live selling rings, necklaces, super amulets, people buy – news

after making a master monk Find a new owner to satisfy. loudly #Thong Kru tribe is broken. #Treasures take turns to watchTeacher Paothong Thongchua Open the legend with the Golden Tribe Thongjua after the live broadcast of selling monks has created a buzz for the master of monks Bring anything out and sell it, it sells out quickly.

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This time, District Phaothong announced that the live Have fun and enjoy with the 2nd live broadcast. went last friday ***This time Friday 25 June. At 6:00 p.m., let’s meet again, live for the 3rd time*** with the treasure trove of Phra Sulee To bring to find a new owner to be satisfied. #Thong Kru tribe is broken. #Treasures take turns to watch

Before going live to sell antique treasures There are both ruby ​​rings. South Sea Pearl Ring Sell ​​very quickly how many rings come out The price of thousands or tens of thousands can be sold quickly.

In addition, the Sukhothai Buddha image is worth millions. But referred to as not selling here. as well as showing the Phra Nak Prok, the Khmer Angkor Wat Buddha image in full Which referred to as last week, selling monks very quickly

bySian Phra Hiha, the customer of Amphoe Phaothong, doesn’t use glasses at all? Put something down and press the bell to sell all the jingles. He replied that he didn’t have to look. It belongs to the Golden Tribe, no fake.

Besides thatThere are also 11 sets of Dvaravati necklaces, the ultimate jade amulet. Pang forbid relatives, real gold, real rubies, gold-plated silk glasses, none of them beautiful, none belonging to the golden tribe. Inlaid with real gold. The ring is gold. It’s heavy, but we rich people have to wear heavy things.

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also have Quartz stone Buddha or Hanuman stoneHin Sai, 5-inch lap, 350,000, sold immediately. There is alsoQing Dynasty antique bowls, silver bracelets, and many other treasures.

The netizens flocked to watch the live broadcast overwhelmed, saying that they had bought valuables and also gained knowledge that Phaothong district is recommending, as well as selling colorful items that create laughter as well.

Open the legend with the Golden Tribe Thongjua

Watch the live clip