open to review rights The employer is disqualified to receive a subsidy of 3,000 baht per employee.

Thebangkokinsight website reported that after the SME employment promotion Has closed registration for projects to promote and maintain employment in SMEs business between 20 Oct.-20 Nov. 64 There are some establishments that the system says. The latest “disqualification”, the Ministry of Labor has closed the application for a review of rights from 21-27 November 64 for 7 days.

For the qualification, the applicant must be a private employer who is in the social security system. (Social Security Registration Database Section 33 Active Status) with not more than 200 employees in all branches as of October 16, 1964 to check the status of SMEs

If the employer submits complete documents within the specified date The staff will review and approve the rights. In order for employers to have the right to receive subsidies for 3 months (Nov. 64-Jan. 65)

Procedure for applying for a review of the employer’s right to receive a subsidy of 3,000 baht

  1. Employer submits a claim for review of rights From 21-27 November 64 through the SM Employment Promotion website, press the button “Review Rights” or submit a request for a review of rights at the Employment Office.
  2. Fill in the details on the website or the form with evidence attached within 27 Nov ’64
  3. In the case of employers who are unable to submit documents within 21-27 November 64, they must register within the specified period first. Then send additional documents to the Employment Office for consideration by 13 Dec.
  4. check approval Employers who submit an application for a review of rights within 21-27 November 64
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Employers can check the approval results on the website. Promote the employment of SMEs If all documents are submitted within the deadline You can check the approval results on 11 Dec.

If approved, it will receive state subsidies. through the employer’s bank account within 15 Dec.

In the case of registration within the specified period but submit documents for change of business Between 28 Nov.-13 Dec. 64. You can check the approval results on 20 Dec. 64 If approved, it will receive subsidies from the state. through the employer’s bank account within 25 Dec.

In addition, establishments that have been approved to join the project If there is an increase in employment from the total amount of employment as of November 16, 20, will receive a new employment promotion in the 2nd and 3rd months of 3,000 baht per 1 Thai national employee per month according to the number of Employed not more than 5% of the total number of employees of Thai nationality. who are the project’s target groups (201,647)

If anyone registers to join the project first, they will be entitled first. Until the completion of the number of 2 months, not more than 201,647 per month

Employers and establishments can ask for more information at The Ministry of Labor hotline, call 1506 press 2, or the Department of Employment hotline, call 1694, or contact in person at the provincial employment office in every province. employment office Bangkok Area 1-10