Open up the ultimate dream that is very ordinary for a strong woman, “Bum Panadda Wong”

Saw a strong woman A smart girl who dares to go through any situation like this. But in another corner where many People may never know from a girl. “Bum Panaddawong good”Is this girl’s ultimate dream Which referred to the clip on Instagram This is the first clip that referred to after receiving the title of Miss Thailand in 2000 by the MC asking if What is your ultimate dream? Referred to that “I want to do my own business Open restaurant Because I like to cook Think that the end of life itself may not have energy. Have the strength to go out and do something “

In addition, Young Bum also wrote a post under the post saying “The first TV program interviewed for Bum after having # Miss Thai speak Thai is not fluent But now, hehe, hehe …. I have to open a restaurant like a dream.”

It is called a very simple dream of a woman. That no one would have expected that instead of following their own dreams Instead, she does a lot for society instead. Which has both comments and likes for this clip quite a bit



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